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Portland Proper

Okay, I agree to switch posts with Val and this time, I thought I'd post a few pictures from my new living situation! Only took a little less than three months to post pictures of my arrival so by the time I move out, I should have my apartment pictures up. 😉

To start, driving into the Columbia River Gorge was breathtaking itself, only having visited the Pacific Northwest once before (and um, briefly and ten years ago)!

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I need to try and remember to take more pictures in my every day life, lol. Give you an impression of what it's like to be on the bus and the giant backpack I use to ferry home my groceries, that would be the most honest representation. 😉

I'm going to try and do a part two post of what my room looks like now that it's decorated. I mean, soon, not wait until next December. 💗

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I'm here!!

 So once again, Val is encouraging me to post about my life! This time there is a big update though, I'm officially in Portland, Oregon for a year! It was a loooong process to figure out that much. For a while, my family thought about trying out Statesville, NC temporarily but in the end... no one really wanted to be there, y'know? So, at least now we'll be somewhere we wanted to be for a year though idk if it'll wind up being too expensive to stay here any longer than that. It's good to have this much settled, honestly this process was a drain on my life for a solid six months.


☁ I'd take pictures but I've only gotten as far as having a bed frame and boxes in my room so far. I'm actually currently stressing over trying to acquire some furniture on craigslist: I get too easily attached! And then stress over ever single interaction with someone, trying to figure out how to be the most lowkey buyer, hahaha! Hopefully I'll eventually have some more furniture though in the meantime, I'm a little proud that I was able to resemble my ikea furniture both single-handedly and without instructions. 👍

☁ We're staying in an apartment that is just too small for us technically (two bedrooms when we should have three) so fingers crossed that no one snaps. It won't be me, hahaha, I have the smaller bedroom to myself and that's all I need!

☁ Speaking of, the reason people might snap is that my dad is a beginner fiddle player. This wasn't an issue in a house, where you could get farther away but in an apartment... it's super funny though because we've met a couple neighbors now and apologized for the potential noise of that and their response was always "Did you overlap with the neighbors moving out above you?" ("only for a day or two" is the answer) "Well, it's nothing compared to having several screaming small children in the building!" lololol, as I've told my dad, the volume of those children is the best thing that could have ever happened to his fiddle practice.

☁ As far as the practicalities, they were sold out of my bus pass at the grocery store so I haven't gotten one yet and I'm just not sure if I'll be able to get a job here. It seems like the have enough people like me here, I only feel like I'm possibly hireable when I'm in an area really desperate for plain ol' vaguely competent, well-spoken people. 

☁ It's soooooo cool though, we only live a block away from a park entrance that then connects into Forest Park which is huuuuge. It really makes living in a city much more livable, coming the suburbs especially. You just need that green to be able to escape into~ This particularly corner of the city is much more lowkey though. And I'm shocked by how considerate the cars are here of pedestrians, like I actually feel like I'm inconveniencing them by stopping to make sure they'll let me go without hitting me. Being able to travel on foot is definitely the best part about this apartment for me, I just haven't fully taken advantage of it yet~ It's kind of amazing, never having lived in a city before. Things are so different here, transportation-wise especially.

☁ Other than that, things are pretty chill. I've been getting into drama watching again, with Jimi ni Sugoi! and Ashi Girl. I watched Kouhaku live here, even though it was at 2am-7am, and thought it was really good this year!!  The pacing of the second half was better than usual, I thought! Though the Arashi medley could have used a longer interlude or something imho, I'm used to be spoiled there. 😉 And I've been getting into BTS more again lately, I felt like I beat the curve getting into them back during the I NEED U era but then I took a break from keeping up with kpop at all and now everyone is into them, I swear! :D

Happy New Year, everyone! Hope you're well! ❤

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rolling, rolling days

So, I am still mid-everything but since dear Val wanted to trade posts, a quick update from me here:

I'm moving!! It's a big move for me in a lot of ways: my childhood home of twenty years is the one being sold, this is the first time I need to go through alllll my stuff and throw things away (instead of keeping every item I have ever touched since 1994…), going into a much smaller space, moving across the country, moving into an unconventional floating home, it being a really weird sale even for that weird thing… it's a LOT.

CURRENTLY: we have our moving trailer to load for two more days and our dumpster for three and then our closing on Friday so I'm just trying to focus on getting out of this house… even though it feels kind of terrifyingly like our deal for our new house could a) fall through at the last minute and b) might be a bad decision so I almost wish it would fall through so there would be a redo.

COPING METHODS: a ration of flourless chocolate cake, rewatching Outlander and first season BSG, GnA (for the first time?? amazing)

Hopefully I will come back and update this in a few weeks with a picture of me in my new home saying how it all worked out somehow????? Let's just put that image out into the universe, shall we.
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quick update and hello!

So! Though I've had it for years, I finally set up my journal on dreamwidth and thought I'd try out this crossposting thing for myself! ♥ So, a few Recent Happenings:
  • My dad injured his knee on Monday while climbing and it might be bad. He's been foolishly using it all this week (including belaying my brother! while he campused the hardest lead climb in the gym! which no one has done! so of course, he DID fall! and my dad, of course, then had to throw all his weight onto his injured knee! if you know anything about climbing... this was a bad idea and should have been avoided in the first place!) and it's only gotten worse now. He was hoping it was going to be a minor tear that would heal on it's own... the only other scary possibility is knee surgery. :(
  • All of this is happening when we're supposed to be working on moving... I don't want to talk about it, asjjdkfhg
  • Skam is breaking my heart by currently airing it's LAST season when we thought we'd get two more after this and have a whole additional YEAR of it running. So while I'm very engaged, everything is so bittersweet already! Especially when we can't help but imagine the current plotlines strung out over three separate seasons and done from three separate perspectives. It's hard to be still in the middle of something and already have your heart broken about the way things could have gone. It's not even over and I'm already like "thirty years from now, I'm going to be mourning the Skam seasons that weren't". At the same time, we've just got to try to enjoy what we do have, y'know??? We only have 6~7 more weeks of Skam at ALL~ 
  • Speaking of... I'm going to be desolate when the fandom starts dispersing after it ends. I've really moved there, it's my home, I've made friends. I've gotten back into editing/gifing occasionally and even though it's a sideblog, I have more followers there than I've ever had anywhere... gah, it's gonna suck to have to move on! But I know it can only hold together for so long after it's a closed canon...
  • And then it's going to dump me back out into this ongoing moving process, now with far less comfort and distraction.
  • Hold me. 
Also, my birthday is in five days and I have nothing planned! My present to myself is that I got the bundled LE and RE of the Are You Happy? blurays... but unfortunately, I still have to wait. I will at least have the future arrival of them to buoy my spirits but that doesn't really solve my how-to-make-my-birthday-less-depressing... I can only hope that Skam will do a thing, the wily minx.  This entry was originally posted at http://topazera.dreamwidth.org/40954.html. Please comment there using OpenID.

♪ Lyden av noe som slipper oss fri ♪

Okay, at this point lj REALLY feels like a diary to me because I can’t imagine there are people still here to read it but phrenk and I are doing another post-exchange for motivation! She makes sure to reel me into one at least once a year, bless her. ♥♥♥ This is mostly going to be about my current Big Fandom Upheaval because that just happened and was a drastic shift for me:

☀ I’m into a new fandom and it SAVED me. I’m currently tumbling a lot about Skam, a Norwegian show that I’m going to assume you got hit with gifs of at some point. It’s a really wonderful show, it’s basically a ~dream show for me? It’s soft and gay and emotionally hard-hitting and artistically rich and basically was the most nuanced breakdown of internalized homophobia I’ve ever seen, as well as a great portrayal of [REDACTED FOR SPOILERS]. The best first love story for a gay teen? A better show that I had even thought to hope for? Given me characters I care about more deeply than I have in years? I know love and its name is Skam Season Three. (There's also a really awesome girl squad that's a big focus of s1 & s2, it's just that s3 and the soft cuddling boys is what hooked me.)

Pictured: Why I started watching this show

☀ I say it SAVED me because it came along at just the right time to help break me free from One Direction. Which I really needed. Basically, being in that fandom had reached the point of daily suffering but it was hard to leave when my dash there was so fast moving and as much I do love JE, there’s just not enough fandom content to possibly replace the community I’d lose. Then comes along Skam, beautiful beautiful Skam that so many people are excited about, sweeping in to provide this rush of flailing as the fandom exploded from mid-November to mid-December. Which lined up p e r f e c t l y to my suffering reaching intolerable levels in early December. I basically had one day where I noped out and even though I still check back a couple times a week, I’m mentally free from the cycle now?? It feels soooooo good. I don’t think I can even tell you how good unless you know what it’s like to live as a larrie. It would almost be easier if my opinion had changed but it really hasn't, it's just the situation got too sad for me to watch anymore. :(

☀ Which also has the bonus of freeing up more mental energy to follow Arashi and Eito again?? I've been upping my dosage of Arashi and it's been doing me good. :) Like, I know I feel better about the world when I have them in my day yet somehow I still forget how much they cheer me up? They cheer me up a lot, I've been mainlining Arashi concerts in particular?? That's, like, the most pure concentrated happiness I can use to wash through me~ I really want to get back into watching the parts of old shows I haven't seen still again?? I think it's been enough years. I think it's time to stop saving them. :D And I'd totally fallen off the Eito wagon for a long time but now I'm getting back to them and I love them so~ I came back to an excellent Yasu hair era and what more could I want.

☀ Speaking of, today the Skam fandom had another nice surprise for me: I'm mutuals with someone who I don't talk to directly a lot but we exchange a lot of mutually complimentary tags about how much we like each other's thoughts and meta. She's really far more excited about my meta than I think it deserves!! Anyway, I struck up a chat with her today and it was going well, she was apologizing if she messed up prepositions in English since she's not a native speaker and tired and happened to bring up Japanese. And I was like "oh, I saw you tag in Japanese once and meant to say I was super excited??". Which led to:

her: i pretend i only care about cool skam meta but actually i like terrible japanese boybands
me: ...wait... do we know each other from Japanese boyband fandom and I just didn't realize it???
her: ajaksdjsd do you like them too :DD
me: hahaha YES!!!
her: wtfffff
i cannot believe you're into johnnys bc you seem so sensible???? is this conversation even real???
me: hahahahahahaha
I'm laughing SO much that I seem too sensible for Johnny's
I should take a picture of my DVD shelf right now :D
this IS so surreal though!!

She's a fellow Arashian who recently got into Kanjani8??? Also a longtime fan??? We had to stop each other at several points to say how surreal this felt. I mean, everyone on tumblr is into kpop! I would have never expected to randomly bump into a fellow Johnny's fan in a completely different fandom! Though actually I was telling her that one the people who translated Skam s3 as it aired (that she probably would know of) is an Arashian ("stormboxx" but you wouldn't necessarily assume it was that storm) so we're up to a count of three now. :D

☀ Also a pleasant surprise, my Skam sideblog might become my most followed blog after only a couple of months? It's not a big number for tumblr but it's a big number for me, especially since it's only been two months since I was shocked to get an anon because I thought only a few friends who followed me over there ever read what I was saying. It's nice because the thing I miss most from being a larrie is being a ~pillar of the community~ there. So even though follower counts aren't something I'm hung up on (I literally block it so I can't see it, I don't like being stressed by watching people unfollow), it's nice to feel like my blog is serving a purpose for people. My one true pride is that I tag everything by individual clip so it's very organized at least. :)

☀ It's funny there too because I follow a lot of larries-within-the-Skam-fandom and I have never seen a group of people so averse to drama, after what we've been through. Even worthwhile ~discourse within this fandom we're like "nope, see ya, I am literally just here for me, I'm sorry but no."

☀ My poor Arashi/personal blog @topazera is really suffering right now though. It's almost pure depressing politics at the moment. Probably like a lot of people, I can't figure out the best way to engage? It does motivate me to try and make a difference, seeing the community engagement on tumblr, but I haven't yet figured out how to strike a good balance. I need to remember to post other content, it's just sad to look at that blog now because all my fun stuff is over on my Skam sideblog.

☀ I'm on SUCH a TV drought though, since all I want to do is rewatch Skam. Let's see, I'm really only currently watching: The Flash (catching up after falling behind), Emerald City (featuring the Most Beautiful Face Ever Maybe, in Dorothy Gale) and my ongoing The OC rewatch with Val?? I reallyyyyy need to figure out what to start~

☀ Um, I feel like I should be unloading about my personal life but... that's not nearly as fun... maybe I'll save that for the next time Val needs further motivation to post and wants to do an exchange. Okay, a little preview is: my brother is currently really not doing well and living with him is hard because he's running on such a low calorie diet that it messes him up to even smell food? Which is obviously a problem when I like to use the kitchen to cook. But I just am so used to accommodating his needs that even though this isn't reasonable, I'm still letting it mess me up. I'll go way too long without eating and then be too tired to cook, trying not to step on his toes. I have a really low appetite anyway so the last thing I need is to be pushing off eating when I do happen to get hungry.

See, not nearly so fun~ Okaaaay, lj, see you for more content about fandoms you don't care about and depressing real life fun facts soon! :D
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People still need wallpapers, right? That's a thing we still post... somewhere? :D Well, I'm posting them here. XD Two Arashi wallpapers for the latest release of Sakura. I really dug the vibe of the PV but wanted something higher res than what straight screenshots could give me... so here's my take on dark and flowery. ♥

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AtLA: Getting all... bendy

Random Arashi Cap Post of Jan 2015!!!

HOLD THE PHONE, it's a REAL POST on my LJ!! To thank for this miracle is (of course) Val/phrenk, who subtly mentioned she was making a POST on LJ of caps of Arashi things. Y'know, just in case I might like to do the same~ It turned out I did. ♥ I know I say this like a broken record, but man, lj is deservedly missed for its long form posting format! It's just not the same to post a series of caps on tumblr. ♥

So as follows, a whole bunch of whatever Arashi caps I randomly took for no purpose over the past few months! Don't worry, I don't expect comments on sleepy lj~ ♥ My only wish is: please don't post these on tumblr, as I have my own tumblr which these may get posted on in the future! Thank you, dear lj survivors who deserve some exclusive content anyway~ :D

Okay, since I don't know how to be a human that doesn't take these caps all the time, your obligatory Ohmiya-on-the-couch section of my AnS caps! :D
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Various AnS moments I've meant to go back and gif
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Now for some random VSA caps, which I am sure all felt extremely important at the time taken. :D
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Because drunk fishing Ohno is so important.
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Nino exemplifying everyone who has to work on a Saturday
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HI, my never very frequently updated lj! An update: I'm got the chance to do something interesting and I'm currently trying my hand at living in Hawaii for a few months! Since lj is still my favorite way to organize photos and I wanted to share them for a few people anyway, onwards to a where-I-am-living-now post!

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HYD: Those crazy kids

drama finishing challenge 2014!

Come join us and knock a drama off your list!

Hey all! For all you loyal lj users still checking your flist diligently, I just wanted to let you know that folderdropping is once again holding a Drama Finishing Challenge and it starts tomorrow!

If you have some dramas you want try and finish in the next six weeks and want to do it alongside others, feel free to come take a look at the details @ folderdropping! ♥

Hope everyone out there is well and for the record, as inconsistent as I always have been with it, I miss lj!
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