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20 October 2009 @ 02:01 am
Hey internet! Nice to see you! You may have noticed sometimes I disappear for a long time. ;) Okay, I actually have several fandom-y projects that have been lingering on my hard drive at 85% completion, so I'm going to try to not be such a perfectionist and get things posted. The operative word being "try" but I figured saying it on lj would be good motivation.

First, the replies to the people who gave me categories on the last Arashi picture meme I did!

For animefreak42:
Funniest Group Pic

For I am easily amused. I LOL EVERY TIME. :D

This was my other pick, just because everyone is so THEMSELVES:


For littlealex:

Okay, Val first exposed (har har) me to this one but really: the BUTTS. ♥ Thank you, Japan, for the fine tradition of public baths!

Honorary nominee: Sparky, stripper Sho for blowing my mind early in my fandom life. I had not realized it was possible to see them in quite such a fan-service-y light before that. YES, YES, I WAS SO YOUNG.

For woelvs:
DRUNK ARASHI (obviously not actually drunk because they are perfect angels and never do anything naughty)

OKAY, I have not seen this Hanamaru yet (but I will, do not worry fair flist!) but apparently Nino is supposed to be actually drunk in this one? I am not at all shocked by this accusation!

These are ones where I can totally imagine that's what would happen should they be drunk THOUGH IT'S EVEN GREATER THAT THEY PROBABLY ARE NOT:

For phrenk:
One picture of each member that showcases your favorite body part of theirs. ONLY ONE PER MEMBER. : )

Because phrenk is an evil person, it took forever to choose! I really can't pick individual features since they so harmoniously make up a person I love. Basically I would go "Oh, I love those lips! But wait, the cheekbones are right there and so perfect!" SO, DISCLAIMER I CANNOT CHOOSE CHOICES BLAH BLAH HERE. XD

1. Nino - Profile

OKAY, already I'm cheating a little! THOUGH NINO IS REALLY THE CHEATER. Basically I love all of Nino's features too much but I especially like the profile they create. This is a feature I don't particularly like on myself so I always notice it on other people. Nino has a good one. Plus profile pictures usually mean Nino's gazing thoughtfully into the distance of which I'm also a fan. NECK

2. Ohno - Hands

This was GIVEN. I could do an entire picspam of Ohno hands... except it might kill me. Whenever Ohno's hands are in frame, they are a distraction. When they are the focus of the photo, I pretty much lose all brain function. Such a powerful combination of DELICATELY PRETTY and BLINDINGLY HOT! Much like the man himself. FOREARMS, OKAY REALLY CHEATING BUT THEY ARE MY FAVORITE TOO!

3. Sho - Jaw

This was a particularly tough call! When I looked in my Sho folder, it was pretty much all SHO'S DUMB FACES. ♥ Obviously the arms make a strong case for themselves... but as I only noticed after looking at my nominated features in a folder, I'm very much a face person! When I think of Sho, I think of the contrast between his strong jaw and his lips. He's so pretty but so manly, guys!

4. Aiba - Limbs Length (dirty!)

Okay, there's no other way to describe it! Aiba is so long and lanky, I love it. His arms are ridiculous and his legs go on forever and his torso is (happily) often not contained by shirts. I'm sure if Aiba hadn't taken the path he did and landed instead in some normal life, people would be always saying to him "Wow, you could be a model!". BECAUSE IT'S TRUE. (Or alternatively he would get, "You should play basketball!" And he would launch into his childhood dream of playing with SMAP that never came to fruition. XD)
(Although his limbs are hard to overlook, I could not think of a particularly photo that illustrated his lengthiness just right! Feel free to HELP.)

5. Jun - Eyebrows

Oh Matsujun! There is no end to distinctive features with you! There was a long period of time where you still had to grown into your face, you had so many distinctive features. ♥ SO, I chose a sentimental favorite: EYEBROWS. While he has many pleasing favorites, the eyebrows inspire so much warm and fuzziness, they are hard to overlook. Plus, they are hard to overlook! ♥

Also, since I'm terrible about writing these things down but always wish I had later, I went to a Hanson concert last Thursday! That is pretty much guaranteed to make my month. Which is good because it caused me to get pretty ill for the entire weekend. COST BENEFIT ANALYSIS = WORTH IT.

Since I'm not really wanting to write a full account but I DO want to remember moments, I'm going to do HIGHLIGHTS:

1. Okay maybe this could be a LOWLIGHT but first off, the weather was terrible on Thursday. Although Hanson fans are notorious for showing up hours and hours early, I reduced my waiting on line for the show to two hours. However that was still two hours in a steady rain at 37°. NOTE TO FUTURE SELF: What is comfortable to walk around in the a light rain is not comfortable to stand around in. A HOODIE ≠ AN UMBRELLA. Life lessons, people.

2. The girl I stood next to on line and bonded with last minute (so much so that we stood next to each other at the show) was THIRTEEN. She has loved Hanson her entire life. Her young friends have never heard of MMMBop. Still, I feel like meeting a 13-year-old Hanson fan has somewhat consoled me from my last NYC concert experience when a boy of almost that very age asked what we were on line for and at both Hanson and MMMBop, he shrugged. I had never felt that old but I feel better knowing some of the next generation has been exposed to the POP CLASSICS OF THE '90S. Also she was very nice and it's good to have an ally at concerts.

2.TEARS OH OH, when I was talking to my new friend Dakota as we stood waiting for the show, APPARENTLY Zac walked right past me in hall when he went to go film the line. And I didn't notice him because I was so damn eager to check my wet coats and get my place in the venue. ...I like to tell myself that my near-misses just mean that whenever I do have a close encounter with the Hansons, it will even better. Don't think I won't wait another twelve years for this.

3. Hanson's set actually wound up being really short (maybe an hour and twenty minutes?) due to the fact that there were three other acts and the venue kicks you off (TERRIBLY) early but while that always sucks,I try not to let it detract too much from the show for me. It helped that I enjoyed the other bands, I thought this was by far the best openers I've seen with Hanson. One being Hello Goodbye, which I had listened to independently anyway. I loved the ukulele/mandolin in the mix and they were really dorkily charming, except for the unfortunate tendency to let drunk people come up on-stage. Just because they are outgoing doesn't mean they are going to be a good idea!

4. They played three tracks from their new EP, which I actually didn't have until right before the show but predictably I'm enjoying the hell out of it already. They opened with "World on Fire" (which was the one track Dakota and I had just agreed they would do). Zac played the new song he sings lead on, "Use Me Up", as his solo and it's been stuck in my head ever since the show. I am notoriously weak to Zac leads and songs about disconnection from the world (probably because they are a contrast to all the bouncy songs of theirs I adore. ♥) so YEAH. (For anyone who would like musical accompaniment, DOWNLOAD: "Use Me Up" and my favorite new song they didn't happen to play, "These Walls". It's so happy and LOVE. )

5. Before his solo, Ike gave a very lovely and squishy feeling inducing speech about how happy is to have fans that come to their shows year after year, who are always enthusiastic and who know the new material just as well as their old stuff. On top of giving him a chance to do what he loves in life. We may have been called "the best". Hanson isn't a band that's particularly big on talking breaks during shows so this just made it extra sweet of him. Goodness knows we have our downsides as a group but I'd say we do all of those things for them. :)

6. CLEARLY I HAVE BEEN REMISS, I BLAME TAYLOR HANSON FOR MY ILLNESS. ♥! Taylor had the flu and notably did not do a solo or go on the Walk (which he was very disappointed about and I was very sad myself to have missed but it's probably best I didn't go in hindsight). His voice sounded surprisingly strong yet it gave me another reason not the mind the night was a bit short! We'll be here next tour when there's a new album anyway, bb.

7. Speaking of surprisingly good singing for the night, we totally kicked ass on the "Na na na na, been there before" harmony on "Been There Before"! I know that's not saying much. But the audience almost sounded on key. It was awesome.

ETA: Eeee, I didn't even realize that this post was about my two great loves!

Good times, good times! Hopefully you'll see more of me flist. ♥
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THEY CALL ME THE HIPHOPOPOTAMUS.: why so beautiful mj???ohmyghost on October 20th, 2009 07:09 am (UTC)
ahgdsgjso yes. I agree so heartily with every comment made in this picspam *_*

i also heartily agree with the pictures, or should I say they are most agreeable :3 :3 :333
Top: 嵐: Look at that magnificent plumage!topazera on October 20th, 2009 08:05 am (UTC)
Eeee, thank you! I'm glad to hear they were, ahem, pleasing! ♥♥

Picspamming Arashi always sets off an inescapable feedback loop for me. Now I need to go download more pictures. Which I'll need to picspam. THIS IS WHY IT'S A WONDERFUL CURSE TO START! :D

Edited at 2009-10-20 08:29 am (UTC)
wintendo on October 20th, 2009 10:24 am (UTC)
omg why is this my first time interactioning with thee? goshdarn it, my fault :c sometimes idk what to write. wait, i'm sure we've interacted before. but not often. so yeah. just in case you forgot, i be winnie :]

i like sho's slopey shoulder ;DDDD
Top: 嵐: SHOOOOOOOtopazera on October 20th, 2009 10:25 pm (UTC)
Don't blame yourself! I'm totally terrible about actually posting and sometimes commenting too! Let's chat more from now on. :) Hiiii Winnie! I'm Becky, though you don't need to bother with my real-life name.

...I'm ASHAMED to admit it didn't occur to me to pick Sho's slopey shoulders. You're so right, I do love that about him. Partially because it's such a great laugh whenever they bring it up. ♥

Morgan: Arashi- FOR DREAMmojotastic on October 20th, 2009 07:23 pm (UTC)
AHAHAHAHA!!! I'm still laughing about the funny picture. They look like shy ninjas!! Also that picture of Sho has been forever etched on my memory since the first time I saw it and yet it somehow doesn't lose it's power to make me laugh. :P

I totes agree with a lot of your body part choices too. I'd never though of how lanky/tall/whatever Aiba was but you are totally right. And Ohno! Hands!

Hanson!! OMG! I used to be OBSESSED with them when I was younger. I'm sad I never got to go to a concert! Are they awesome live? Do they still play their old songs? HANSON!
Top: 嵐: I've made a huge mistaketopazera on October 20th, 2009 10:38 pm (UTC)
LOL, I've totally come across that picture several times in a folder and thought the exact same thing every time: "Hee! They're being ninjas, what dorks! Matsujun and Sho are working it, Nino makes a very convincing ninja... LOLOLOLOL OHNOOOOO! NEVER CHANGE, ILU!"

My body part choices were too difficult. I seriously could pick five different features for everyone. Already I'm feeling like I neglected Nino's collarbones or Matsujun's tiny waist. THEY ARE JUST REALLY PRETTY PEOPLE.

OH MAAAAAN! I totally would have invited you to come, if I had remembered you liked Hanson back in the day! Usually it takes some convincing to get people to go with me so I don't bother but I love company. Next time they are in the city, you should totally come! I'm there every time. XD
I'm biased (OBVIOUSLY) but they are a great live band, those boys can really play and sing and harmonize. They still play a good amount of old favorites too: MMMBop definitely, Where's the Love? (which has fun hand motions we've always done) and Minute Without You are concert favs. Plus they did "I Will Come to You" and I totally flashed back to my twelve year old self and TEARS. ...I'm pretty ridiculously into the shows for that reason though! HANSON! Thanks for letting me blather on about them, bb! ♥
Superfail!: HANA KIMI:  The Challangeraliaspiral on October 20th, 2009 11:36 pm (UTC)
SHO SHO SHO. Stripper Sho!

*cough* er..sorry.

also, drunk Arashi? Ohno is hungover with HILARIOUS hair in G no Arashi 35. it makes me laugh so much. EPIC BONUS FOR SHO AND FAIL AND HOW AMAZING HE IS.
Top: HK: OMG LOVE!!topazera on October 21st, 2009 02:12 am (UTC)
STRIPPER Sho will never cease to melt my brain! THANK YOU, SHO. THANK YOU, ARASHI CALENDAR!

Oh MAN. I'm beyond excited to watch that ep then! phrenk and I have been working our way through DnA (we're at about #34?) trying to get to all these wonderful moments we know are coming! HUNGOVER OHNO. THERE'S NO WAY THAT CAN BE ANYTHING LESS THAN AMAZING. ♥!
animefreak42animefreak42 on October 21st, 2009 05:05 am (UTC)
:D All these pictures make me so happy! Oh those boys! Have you seen the newly subbed Mao on AnS show? She is so adorable I sometimes can't believe it. And oddly enough, I thought she and Ohno sitting together was even more adorable than when she was sitting with Jun.
peaches in the creases of a plastic bag: je: I love these peoplephrenk on October 21st, 2009 10:15 am (UTC)
I've been scrolling up and down to comment so I probably missed a thing or two
They're mimicking that famous Beatle picture in that first one, right? I love it, Ohno's spiky head and weirdly formal hand on Nino's shoulder: SO GOOD. In the second one: EMU.


Good choices on body parts! It was evil to make you choose. I think Nino profile isn't cheating, really, although it does include his neck which really should be its own category. : )


Nnnnnngh, Sho's mouth in that picture.


Aww, emu-brows! I LOVE YOU, MATSUJUN. I'm always a teensy bit sad to see him now with well-groomed eyebrows. I don't blame him, but I mourn nostalgically. : )

I'm so glad you had a good time at the concert AND that you are feeling better from the aftermath! <3<3 Good luck with your face! I mean that in so many ways.
satopi3104satopi3104 on November 28th, 2009 04:14 pm (UTC)
i came over to your lj through a link from phrenk, and i read and really enjoyed your Arashi-related posts. As an Ohno fangirl, your Ohno birthday post was definitely SQUEEEEE! worthy. I love your commentary and agree with so much of it. I already memories-ed your entries, but so I keep on top of you more (lol), may I friend you?
Top: 嵐: Aiba Masaki's face is stuck in :D!topazera on November 28th, 2009 04:55 pm (UTC)
but so I keep on top of you more (lol)
Wow, 1) dirty! and 2)a pun on my name! Hats off to you, well done! :D

Sure, you can friend me! I welcome all fellow Ohno fangirls, especially those who recognize that he can act! I'll definitely friend you back, I see you have all sorts of interesting meta on Arashi and I find that such a treat! I often post terribly shallow graphics-related entries but I swear I'm interested in them in a more meaningful way too. (Though my thoughts are potentially shameful fluffy! Love is not only blind, but blinding!) I'm really looking forward to digging in to some of your old thoughts, if you don't mind! :)

Nice to meet you! I'm honored that my posts made it to your memories! ♥
satopi3104satopi3104 on November 28th, 2009 05:17 pm (UTC)
Yay! I just friended you right back. And please! dig away! ... why does everything i say sound dirty. God sorry i usually try to hide my perversion to people I just met because it usually freaks them out, but i blame my being sick to my usual walls of rationality and normal human behavior falling down completely.

and seriously, i love graphics entries that have commentary. i would do them too if i had such capabilities, but i don't T_T
Top: 嵐: SHOOOOOOOtopazera on November 28th, 2009 06:10 pm (UTC)
Ha, no worries! I don't whip out the innuendo very often (though you can see phrenk for that!) but I have been surrounded by sufficiently dirty-minded people that I don't think I'll be easily phased. Please, make yourself comfortable! :D

and seriously, i love graphics entries that have commentary. i would do them too if i had such capabilities, but i don't T_T
Take that, reverse it, and I concur! Sometimes I think it would be nice to just write an entry that's entirely text (and y'know, that's more thoughtful XD) but it just goes against my nature! Usually I spend forever on the graphics and the commentary only happens when I think "Oh yeah, I need to say something about this..." I appreciate your style!

Yay, new friends! New, Ohno-baited friends! :D