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19 January 2010 @ 07:44 pm
It was all the Clapton!  
WARNING: I just finished so this is an entirely emotional, not at all rational reaction! I need somewhere to vent.

UTAHIME, NO. I just cried for pretty much an hour straight. For future reference, I may be the most tender-hearted person in the world. Sometimes I feel like I need someone to screen my dramas for me and tell me which ones are going to break my heart! Actually I already did that with Spring Waltz! If I hadn't received ample notice there was a happy ending, I wouldn't have picked it up!

Anyway, I knew this was coming. Something like this! It's not like the show was at all lacking in foreshadowing! In fact, from the moment I watching the opening (and our start in the present, though I honestly didn't sort that out right way), I started getting a churning in my stomach. Yet somehow, all the OTPness and laughter and my innate love of happy endings made me able to deceive myself into thinking it might go differently! That there would be angst but we could get past it! They were just so CUTE and the show was full of so much HUMOR, it felt like it couldn't actually be destined for tragedy! BUT IT WAS. Am I the only one who derives no comfort from reincarnation and/or people's descendants hooking up? ;_;

Don't take any of this to mean I didn't think it was a great show! I loved the town and the characters and "Taro to Suzu, taro taro rin rin rin!" so much! It wouldn't hurt so much if I didn't! I thought it was great that Miwako-san was always a sympathetic character, she did her best to avoid hurting people. Definitely not the stereotypical secondary woman at all. I was beyond happy that our heroine Suzu initiated the kissing in the drama. I liked that familial love was deemed more important than romantic love. I think it was so well plotted and written... but that still doesn't stop me from thinking "His daughter is going to be living her own life in ten years, must the OTP be parted forever?"

SIGH, I feel like it's going to take me a little while to dig out of the emotional wreckage! I couldn't watch anything even remotely angsty for a couple weeks after Maou and that was something where I knew all my hopes for a happy ending were entirely in vain from before the first frame of the show. With Utahime, now I feel like tragedy might disguise itself in the fluffiest of my dramas!

...Yes, I'm aware I'm being ridiculous. :) Yes, I know I'll feel better soon. But I just like when my fiction makes me feel better now? Please be kind and shake your head, maybe smile and move along. ♥ Or rec me a drama with a happy ending (though don't give me any further details)! My desire to avoid heartbreak is outweighing my dislike of even mood spoilers at the moment!
Dedededede: capital scandal - bowtie revolution!cranberrysheep on January 20th, 2010 01:53 am (UTC)
I love Utahime so much. The only reason I like Capital Scandal a little bit more is because of the ending. They both made me cry like a baby though.