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25 May 2010 @ 03:13 am
The dot matix printer angrily clicks no more...  
So, although everyone else on the internet has already said it better, I cannot resist chipping in a few thoughts and feelings about the Lost finale. I just got a chance to watch it and can't think about anything else at the moment. For those of you who don't know, I've had a long and tumultuous relationship with this show since I devoured the first season the summer after it aired. WE ALL NEED TO SAY OUR GOODBYES:

Obviously, there was no way for Lost to end and be completely satisfying! After all, I'd given up hope seasons and seasons ago that the Island could ever be explained and the "plot" could ever really come together. Like many other people have mentioned, Lost was ultimately a show where they threw a bunch of spaghetti at the wall and waited to see what stuck. Some things turned out awesomely and others not so much. :) But the point is: I think it came as close to a satisfying ending as it could even though it didn't totally work for me!

It was totally appropriate to me that the finale was all about the characters and not really about the Island. We needed these emotional moments with all of them, we wanted them all to find redemption and resolution. As a audience member, the important things about this show was the journey it took you on and the way it united people, both in the show and in the real world. For a while it got to be a focal point that tons of people had in common, it was something we could all bring up, "Hey, did you see the crazy shit that happened on this week's Lost?", discussing the latest twists and turns even if we knew they would never make sense. I think the finale really honored that by showing that the connections people made on the Island were the most important part of their lives.

Now as for Sideways World being limbo, I do have to agree that it makes sense to have things work out that way in order for their actions on the Island to remain meaningful. The lives and deaths we saw over the course of the show were real, they were the characters we loved and we grieved when they were lost. In Sideways World, we were waiting for them to regain their memories to truly be meaningful to us. Otherwise they would always be parallels of the people we loved, not really them.

Yet they'll always be a part of me that rebels because I don't personally believe in an afterlife. The ending was made so explicitly spiritual, with the church and the symbols of various religions and going into the light, that it brought me too much into the real world. For myself, I wanted Sideways World to be presented as an alternate reality created due to the unique nature of the Island. I wanted them to really have a chance to live their lives there because I believe living is all we have and I wanted these characters to have a chance to do more of it. Resolving like that would have been easier for me because then I could have just accepted the "magic" of the Island gave them this time together. Basically, I can believe in a fantasy world and lose myself in that idea in a way I can never do with spirituality. Even though a smoke monster is no less ludicrous. ;)

That said, I think this ending is exactly the way things had to go for this show. Lost has always leaned more towards faith than science. Lost has never been about making things add up to something sensible, it's been about the emotional journeys of these characters. And in the end, I wanted the same thing as any person of faith would have: to see the characters happily reunited with their loved ones. I can't really blame Lost for doing it in a manner I was a little uncomfortable with when it's the way that would be most comforting for people. (Even though I could have gone for a full out cheesy Happy Ending AU instead pretty cheesy Titanic ending because I AM THE SAPPIEST, I KNOW. ;) )

The ending of Lost was ultimately emotionally satisfying, "fanservice in a nice way" as someone else on the internet put it. Though I would have liked it to end in a more special, unique way than just a straightforward The Afterlife, I was glad the show was able to fulfill a lot of the themes it presented all along. Whatever flaws it had, Lost was beautiful and made me feel and gave me so many moments I'll never forget. GOODBYE, LOST! ♥

Other plus and minuses:

+ Wow, the last shot, and the sequence leading up to it, was perfect. PERFECT. I think it ending with Jack's eye closing was an obvious ending but also the right one. And watching as he walk to the very same spot he started, seeing the tennis shoe decaying on the tree, Vincent lying down next to him and him laughing as the plane flew overhead, well, it gave me chills and brought me to tears. Even though I'm not completely satisfied with the ending, I'm 100% behind that part of it.

- Whaaaaat, Sayid's OTP is totally killing people with his feet Nadia not Shannon! I still think that relationship was clunkily done the first time around so that moment was really jarring here.

+ Um, the Charlie/Claire reunion was even more touching than I expected it to be? SO MANY TEARS. Aughhhhhh, tiny blond hobbit family! I'm also glad that Kate's memories were jogged by her connection with Claire, reenacting that scene was so wonderful and not at all love-triangely.

- Ji Yeon grew up an orphan! Dammit, baby Aaron and baby Charlie get parents! I actually didn't even cry when Jin and Sun died because it was just too awful. At that point I was sure that Sideways World would be Happy Ending-ville and I was thinking it would really be an AU where things would be okay. As they didn't actually do that, retroactively I am NOT OKAY with this! To me, Jin and Sun needed a real world happy ending after all their strife to be together, like the presumed one Desmond and Penny got. Although their remembering the Island scene was so touching and I cried happy tears like everyone else, I just cannot accept that they died so tragically. Probably largely because they were the most recent deaths, it's not like I really took Juliet dying any better!

+ Ben and Hurley, eating Hot Pockets together for the next few hundred years! For all the tragic ends, this one seemed so unexpectedly great. Thumbs up!

+ SAWYER/JULIET, WAHHHHHHH! I can't believe how stupidly invested I got in these two. The reunion scene definitely lived up to the promise of it, which I have been holding on to all season. They immediately fell back into their pattern of snark and Juliet totally knowing how to cut his sails, even when they didn't know each other! UM IT JUST ISN'T POSSIBLE TO CRY MORE TEARS THAN I DID AT:

James: It's me, baby. I got you. I got you, baby.

Juliet: Kiss me, James.
James: You got it, Blondie.

The clinging! The disbelief! The stroking and happy tears! HE'S GOT HER, AUGHHHHHHH. It's just so clear that he never, ever forgave himself for not being able to hold onto her. Also also, I'm such a sucker for terms of endearment! You know Sawyer used "baby" all the time in their relationship. ♥. It felt so right to get to hear "James" and "Juliet" and "Blondie" (she's so awesome, she gets two meaningful names, okay??) again! Oh god, I love them so much. I can't lie, I want Sideways World to be an AU for just them as much as anything else. There just needs to be a world where Cop!Sawyer (btw, I adore Cop!Sawyer [with BuddyCop!Miles!], I agree it's just where his character would grow up and go) and Happy Successful Baby Doctor!Juliet go get coffee and get married and delightfully snark at each over bacon and egg breakfasts in their little yellow house. Like, for my sanity, I must believe in this!

Though not as immensely satisfying as that would have been, it was still such a pleasure to have Sawyer/Juliet confirmed by the narrative as a now-and-forever OTP. With all the pairing contention in the Lost fandom, I had gotten a bit psyched out and thought maybe things would be a left more open-ended. BUT NO, at least this ending did give us the clear statement that they are each other's people! Fanfic, I will have to leave the rest to you. ♥
Morgan: LOST- Rabbit hearted girlmojotastic on May 25th, 2010 07:58 pm (UTC)
I agree so much with everything you said about the finale. I feel like over the course of this season I really let go of the idea of figuring out what everything meant because it became increasingly clear that a.) they weren't going to tell us and b.) the answers they were giving us were all magical well lights and douchebag vs douchebag. So I let go of a lot of the "what does it all meannnnn!?" stuff. By the finale I just wanted something that was satisfying and didn't leave me wanting to stab someone like the BSG finale.

And it really delivered. Like you, I really wanted the flash sideways to be less spiritual and more alternative reality. But I'm strangely ok with what they did with it. And the last scene really was perfect and makes me mist up even thinking about it. Also SO MUCH AGREEMENT. As soon as it was revealed that the flash sideways was actually in death I was like "SO YOU MEAN JIN AND SUN REALLY DIED THAT TERRIBLE WAY? STFU!" That makes me really sad. :(

But the Sawyer/Juliet scene made me so happy I can't really complain about anything else. I was telling another friend that I feel like the shippers can't really complain because they got pretty much every pairing in the love square. Jack/Kate and Sawyer/Juliet were obviously the OTPS. But then we got Jack/Juliet and they were delightful. And since Sawyer/Kate got off the island what's to stop them from getting together down the line and taking Aaron/Clementine for play dates? <3