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16 June 2010 @ 08:10 am
So this was meant t be the answer to skycouldfall 's very simple question on Tumblr: "Who do you like and don’t like in JE?" However, since I'm me, it turned into a longer ramble than I thought it would be so I'm posting this here. Also, since I'm me, all I wrote was: a) what I think of them as a ~person~ and uh, not their looks or acting or music and b) wavering somewhere between empathetic and embarrassingly sincere. I CAN'T EVEN APOLOGIZE FOR THIS, THIS IS HOW INVESTED I AM. (Other things I would apologize for. XD )

Disclaimer! This is a post about what I think and feel (as you will probably get from how many times I use the words "think" and "feel", I'm really stretching the vocab with this one). It isn't necessarily accurate representation of anyone, in fact there are cases where I'm probably wrong and there would be easy evidence to refute it. But I am only thinking and feeling with what I know. Such is life! Also, my default position towards everyone is warmth which means both that everything is said with some degree of that and you shouldn't come here if objectivity or criticism is important to you. :)

Arashi: It is probably blindingly obvious that I love everyone in Arashi wholeheartedly and without restraint and yes, even more than I ever thought I could love people I don't personally know. ♥ There isn't anyone I don't love in all sorts of ways: they make me laugh, receive eye-lusting, inspire joy and concern and thinky thoughts and keysmashing. Basically, they are all my favorites. In life.

Eito: My relationship with Eito is slightly more layered! It is also an overwhelming sort of love. I love them all as a group (and I think the group is even more than the sum of its parts ♥) and I love everybody, but it is to more varying degrees than Arashi. But I can actually pick favorites insofar as I love Yoko (for his whining and his shyness and blustering and perversion and sweetness. His Yokoness, really.), Yasu (ugh, that guy! So ridiculously talented. His solo music is my favorite of all solo music. He is also the member I most want to lick.) and Subaru (he is so weird and so lovable and his voice) a bit extra and tend to give them more thought and attention. There is a soft, easily poked spot in my heart for little Uchi. I have very dear, sibling-y feelings for Maru and Okura most of the time. (In general, I think of Eito as more of a family than anything. Arashi is more amorphous and undefinable but Eito is solidly such a familial group, in my conception.) Hina is complicated, I love him but he's so different from me that I relate to him less. I'm so glad he's there though, I feel like his presence is particularly needed. Ryo is even more complicated! First off, I have great love and affection for the kid. But I don't feel like I have him quite pinned down. It's not like I take his poison tongue to heart and think he really does do it out of affection or nervousness or just that's his brain. I really love that he's seem like the bratty kid of Eito, even in a group of kids. And yet, there's a bit of jerkiness and machismo that rubs me the wrong way sometimes. (Plus, I'm sorry to say this, but I can't help building up a little resentment due to his fans/my perceived treatment of the group! He is in no way more talented than Yasu or Maru and it feels like he gets a disproportionate amount of attention and fans and good vocal parts. But I try not to hold that personally against him since that's not actually him!)

KAT-TUN: I don't think I know KAT-TUN still. There is something about them as a group that makes me a little uncomfortable. Not knowing them well, I can't really tell how well they get along and that is what makes me love and feel safe with JE groups. I love Kame a lot but I've mostly gotten to know him through his drama roles and promotion of them. I really like Koki, as he was so great in My Boss and he just seems like such a sweet guy, in contrast to his image. Junno is nice too, a much needed tennen in the group. For some reason I like but not love him. Ueda is interesting to me, he seems like the artist and I usually like the artist? Nakamaru, I think I know the least about him! His beatboxing makes me giggle but it's nice that he works on SC with the kids a lot. I'm really not sure what to think about Jin. There's the fandom image of him and he probably gets a greater share of the spotlight in a way that's not really his fault and it seems to an observer like he just doesn't want to be there? That's really hard to get past when you start thinking it of someone. But, especially thanks to katmillia , there's clearly another side to him and a reason he is the way he is. So I reserve judgment on Jin. Like I mentioned, I'm really inclined to like everyone.

NEWS: Ha, I have a weird relationship with NEWS. I really have no attachment to them as a group but I like the majority of them individually. Well, okay, I actually usually don't think of Ryo or Yamapi as part of the group in my mind. They are just not sorted with NEWS, Ryo goes in the Eito folder and Yamapi is his own (weird) thing (that I love). (And yet I sometimes don't understand why I love him as much as I do? XD) He seems very upright and also seems sort of melancholic, like he has to use his fake smile more of the time than others. I really like Koyama, I'm such a sucker for a cheerful mother hen type. And I really really like Shige, partly due to his jweb and Sharara Tambourine and his general fail/weirdness/sharpness. Since I always forget Yamapi, I think of Shige as my favorite in NewS. Massu seems cute and very talented but he's the one I know the least in this group. Tegoshi kind of terrifies me. But in a fond way. I think it's hilarious that he's so self-centered and yet it is justified by everyone loving him and he grew up slutty and he likes to crossdress. He makes me laugh. ♥

TOKIO: Ahaha, THESE DUDES ARE SO GREAT. They are so out there and naked and dudes. It does seem like they got a lot of the more stereotypically manly guys together to form this group. I kind of feel like they paved the way for Johnny's to be dumbasses and do their own thing. (Eito thanks them, I think they are the closest relative group in tone.) And that is paired with being really dedicated musicians, I really respect them. I get the feeling that there's been more of conflict and less snuggly closeness than the younger groups experienced? At least my younger groups. They definitely appear to be more rough and tumble but they grew up together so it's very much in a sibling-y way. It's obvious now that they are really close and know each other so well. Let's see: I think Leader seems so weird and kind and earnest! I love that he's the bullied one and called Leader almost exclusively. I think he has some similarities with Ohno's form of group "leadership", his underlings talk about him in the same way. ♥ Taichi, I have much fondness for him from SCP. He seems like a bit of a wiseass and kind of sharp and would probably be a pain in the ass to know in real life. He's also such a ham, it's great. I kind of imagine everyone in JE or otherwise loving Mabo or MATSU-NII. I love that he's the one with the biggest gap, he's actually the most conciliatory person but he has the appearance of toughness due to being tall and loud and outgoing? (He really reminds me of Subaru when he was younger, trying so hard for laughs because he was uncomfortable.) Also his laughing seal-clap is AMAZING. Yamaguchi, I probably know the least, my image of him is from the 100 man search where he just sets off on the wildest, most challenging way possible. He seems like he has a bit of an edge, like you wouldn't want to mess with this guy. But also, it seems like he helped bring up the younger ones which I just find so endearing. Nagase is Nagase.That guy is just a living legend. XD I recently watched both his MTV Unplugged show and some random behind the scenes stuff and man, he is talented. Since he didn't originally have an instrument (except for tambourine ♥), has he just picked up several as he went?

V6: The group I know the least about by far, except for those of younger or older generation. I sometimes struggle to name them all? I'm sorry, V6, it's nothing personal! I love Sakamoto though, there's something about his smile and seriousness and being the bullied one and his backstory (so long waiting in the wings, SO LONG) that really appeals to me.

SMAP: I have a great warmth for SMAP! I think they seem like such a fun, closeknit group from their shows I've seen. I love that they have so many old stories about each other and have accumulated weird skills and dress up in so many silly costumes. And I like the members individually, well, the ones I know. Obviously Kimura is a STAR and I enjoy many of his dramas greatly. You can't really argue with his charisma. NAKAI IS AMAZING, Utaban is still the pinnacle of music shows for me. I really love Shingo, he's such a great actor and I think his comedy bits are particularly good. Plus I just like him. I know much less about Goro (though I like that he's always -chan and he has good taste in ladies IRL ;) ) and Tsuyoshi (but his director fantasy was amazing and it seems like they lovingly mock him a lot). I wish more early SMAP was subbed, I am curious about that. I should watch more SMAP.

Tackey & Tsubasa: I have extremely few thoughts except: 1) Tackey kind of freaks me out with his perfectness and 2) I am firmly on the side of Kansai in all conflicts with Tokyo of yore, which are kind of symbolized by Tackey. Even though our Kansai boys have admitted to being wrong and pig-headed at the time. XD

KinKi Kids: Ha, I like them. I feel like there should be more to it than that, but there isn't. I think Domoto Kyoudai is such a wonderful show. They make such good hosts, they are so weird and chill. I really like Tsuyoshi, although I'm not entirely sure why. He's another strange artist dude who is kind of inexplicable and therefore inspires an inexplicable love. :)

Toma: Everyone in the world loves Toma, right? Don't tell me otherwise. Toma is a peach. ♥

OH YEAH, SO ABOUT THAT MUSIC THEY PRODUCE. Ha, you can see where my mind lies in JE (hint: it's feelings). Basically, I listen to all of Arashi and Eito's catalogue. I have a few TOKIO songs I really like but I've never downloaded more than that. From NewS I have "Sharara Tambourine" and "Weeeek". I have "Love Yourself" from KAT-TUN but I embarrassingly know nothing else except for "Real Face"... from Yasu covering it. XD Similarly, there are also some senpai songs I know... but only from other people covering them. (Probably on Shounen Club, cough.) I would welcome more good JE song recs! :D

Oh also, I am having a particularly rough patch in comment replying! I am sorry if you are one of the people I have flaked on recently! I'll try to do better. ♥
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prisps: eitoprisps on June 16th, 2010 01:00 pm (UTC)
Hehe ~ I might not feel the same way as you about some people but I loved what you wrote XD
Top: ∞: 無限大topazera on June 24th, 2010 08:36 am (UTC)
Aw, thanks, that's about as good as I expected! I can't even say I totally agree with me, with feelings about people tend to change a lot. :)
katmillia on June 16th, 2010 09:31 pm (UTC)
I think I like being the Pied Piper of Jin. :)

And you should definitely look into getting some K-T music, because their music tends to sound absolutely nothing like any other JE music. ♥ K-T tends to get shit on a lot by people, especially people who say "they have shitty chemistry" and the truth is that they don't have shitty chemistry, they just have different chemistry, but people automatically assume that all chemistry that isn't member-ai is terrible and bad and that's not really fair at all. :)
prispsprisps on June 17th, 2010 02:54 am (UTC)
Second to all you have said ♥
And I said this because I thought that too, all I needed was to watch a little from them and I saw they were nothing what I had thought or people talked about XD
katmillia on June 18th, 2010 12:04 am (UTC)
I know! I started watching their stuff and fell in love, I am convinced that people only hate K-T because someone else told them to. :(

♥ ♥
Top: 嵐: Fuck you Ninotopazera on June 24th, 2010 08:46 am (UTC)
I think I like being the Pied Piper of Jin. :)
You do it admirably! :D Actually just this week after all the mulling over I did writing this, I broke out the recs you had given me last time. So far things have been going swimmingly, everything I watched was really cute and fun! I loved the relaxed, casual feeling of their Okinawa trip on Cartoon KAT-TUN. They really made lemonade out of lemons and I desperately wanted to hear what they stayed up until 2am talking about. ♥ And then I watched the Jodie Foster episode and while I almost died of nervousness myself, I also was almost killed by how sweet it was that Jin spent 8 hours on her present. ♥ (JIN! I'm already starting to get defensive, like when people on arama were being snide about seeing him on the father list. ♥) PLUS, I watched the Making of Signal and it was adorable. I know I keep using "cute" and "adorable" but I just hadn't seen KAT-TUN be this warm and open and I really like it.

ANYWAY, this rambling was just meant to be: thank you for the recs! They have started me on a new path of further JE love! ♥
katmillia on June 24th, 2010 11:27 pm (UTC)

First link there is Jin + little girls, and the reason I would volunteer to have his babies RIGHT THIS SECOND. ♥ He wants them SO BADLY and he's so good with kids, omg. It just makes my ovaries explode.

I AM SO HAPPY YOU SEE WHY WE LIKE HIM NOW. This is (one of the) reasons the most recent hate meme was so unpleasant for me. It was all fun when I was just an Arashi fan, because Arashi doesn't get hated on that much, but KAT-TUN and Jin especially and Kame really got slammed this latest meme because they have a lot of anti-fans, and it's like taking a bullet every time I read about someone slamming these idols that have grown to mean so much to me. :( Once I started watching K-T stuff I realized that they weren't cold at all, they were adorable and dorky and silly and the making ofs are a hoot and ctKT is often hilarious. And yeah, Kame takes himself too seriously and tries too hard and sure, Jin comes off as aloof and lazy on television, but the truth of the matter is underneath they are just these adorable, loving, dorky weirdos and I love them so much. ♥ lol look at me ramble, that's how much I love them. :D
Top: AtLA: Getting all... bendytopazera on June 27th, 2010 07:07 am (UTC)
Ahahaha, how did you know that I almost asked about Jin + little kids? You're anticipating my needs before I voice them! I watched that clip, and the other one of that page, and maaaaaan, idols + little kids is amazingly effective on me! So cute, I love how that little girl attached herself to his leg as soon as she could when they met again. ADORABLE.

I'm happy to be converted! :D I can never read hate memes (I'm too delicate XD) but ugh, anti-fans, say no more. There's something about people hating on someone that just makes me want to like them even more, I think. I am stubborn in thinking fandom must be wrong! But I also am just developing a fondness through further watching.

Once I started watching K-T stuff I realized that they weren't cold at all, they were adorable and dorky and silly and the making ofs are a hoot and ctKT is often hilarious.
I am finding this to be true, which is great because that's why I love all idols! They're on TV so much, we are bound to get to see what dorks they truly are. I've now added the Making of Keep the Faith to my list and oh, the Jin/Nakamaru/Koki "drama" they created between takes! They use their spare time to hang out and be losers together! So much love. ♥

lol, the rambling is appreciated, I don't feel so bad when I ramble back! In conclusion, the love-train rolls on! ♥ You may rec other, Jin + little kids or general dorkery if you want, otherwise I will keep watching Making Ofs. ;)
katmillia on June 27th, 2010 07:23 am (UTC)
Alright let me see the other good stuff. Basically all the making ofs are great, but particularly Signal, Don't U Ever Stop, and Lips. And er... Rescue. LOL okay just keep watching all of them because they are awesome. I can't remember which one has the impromptu Koki/Maru/Kame Kinki Kids concert but you can hear them just sitting around and singing and it's fantastic- it sort of drives home that all 6 of them are actually very, very talented. I was so surprised that all six of them could DANCE LIKE THE DICKENS until someone reminded me that they were hand-picked by Koichi to be back-up dancers and that was the only reason they were formed- of COURSE they can dance. It makes me happy, because all six of them are incredibly good singers, too. (I love Arashi, but singing and dancing is not really their forte HAHA).

Other good things are:

Penalty Special in Hokkaido (part I): http://chikara21.livejournal.com/16929.html
Penalty Special in Hokkaido (part II):

Sendai Trip (part I):
Sendai Trip (part II):

Augh there are some gems in ctKT but other than those, I'd have to go through each episode to remember where they are. lol I've got them all downloaded which means there's a lot to go through.

Oh here are some more hilarity:

These are GOLDEN. 60 Minutes Volleyball, Baseball, and Soccer challenges:

THEY CALL ME THE HIPHOPOPOTAMUS.ohmyghost on June 17th, 2010 03:03 am (UTC)
I read this top to toe and was interested in it all! I really liked the comment about Taichi, that he "would probably be a pain in the ass to know in real life" because I SO FEEL LIKE THAT MOST OF THE TIME. I think he's fun to watch but the sort of fun that also makes me go, "I am glad we will never meet".

And I like & know what you mean about it being all feelings, or that being the most important part. JE's marketing teams would sometimes do well to remember this, I think! ♥
Top: 美人: Kanno Miho: Lady of my ~heart~topazera on June 24th, 2010 08:59 am (UTC)
Thanks! :D This wound up sitting around and was in possible danger of never being posted because I was like "Who wants to read this! What will people say! Every time I read this, I think 'Man, that girl is wrong!'" But I'm glad Val weaseled it out of me and I got over my shyness because it'll be good to remember these feelings when they inevitably change in a few months.

I really liked the comment about Taichi, that he "would probably be a pain in the ass to know in real life" because I SO FEEL LIKE THAT MOST OF THE TIME.
Ahahaha, yes! Like, Taichi is a good host because he prods at people but I'm also glad its not me. I don't know if you've even ventured to the Eito side of things but when Shibutani Subaru was on SCP, he pretty much summed up the issue for me: Taichi was saying how he pulls little jokes in restaurants and Subaru was basically like "I would have to leave. I can never eat with you." That's how I feel about Taichi. :DD

And I like & know what you mean about it being all feelings, or that being the most important part. JE's marketing teams would sometimes do well to remember this, I think!
They are doing well with all these Arashi Making Ofs recently! Please apply this marketing strategy further: we don't need anything fancy! Group interaction is key! ♥
Vik(toria): [*] ryo // the adorkable onesigrun on June 17th, 2010 03:30 am (UTC)
I can only offer a few recs because I'm one of those fans who only listens to the popular stuff. :| And, since these are popular, you've probably heard them before, so apologies in advance if that's the case.

KAT-TUN: Don't U Ever Stop

NEWS: Happy Birthday
* Basically all of Color is awesome; it's the album Weeeek is from. I can *cough* it, if you'd want the whole thing. ;)

And, gods, if there's a person out there who doesn't at least like Toma, there's no hope for this planet. *squishes him*
Top: ∞: Shibuyantopazera on June 24th, 2010 09:09 am (UTC)
I had not actually heard these because I'm one of those fans that's seen a lot of TV but is horribly out of touch with the music side of things! Thank you! :D

The chorus of "Don't U Ever Stop" was both vaguely familiar and super catchy actually listening to it! (Also I really enjoyed Jin's weird hair in the PV! ♥)

I liked "Happy Birthday" too, it's got that same summery, fluffy feeling as "Weeeek". I think I will need to give Color a listen. :) But I'm sure I can locate it easily enough with google if you don't want to go out of your way to upload!

Thanks for the recs, bb! ♥
sybersnake13sybersnake13 on June 17th, 2010 07:10 am (UTC)
it's fun to see others opinion on staff like JE groups, i have different view on different teams:
my favorite group is SMAP, as you said I just love to watch them, they are amusing , always gave me a good time by just watching them interact with each other or other people, their songs not really my style, but I still love to listen to them

KAT-TUN - I liked their music, their first few CDs was great, but as whole group just couldn't keep my attention, I tried to watch many of their work, but in long run I just get bored,... always skipping while watching them.

K8 - Yokoyama Yu is my favorite, and the only one I watch, love him in dramas, Ryo kind of annoyed me with his attitude when he was with NEWS so I don't really watched him.

HSJ - like Yamada Ryuske in drama's, have a few nice song,

NEWS - I don't watch at all, saw Yamapi in Kurosagi thought he was great, but after seeing some of his other shows, he just always look the same (for me), the others, well I am not sure i even know their name, maybe they are the only debuted group that's name I don't know...

Arashi - ... Arashi's fan kind of turned me off from their group, I wanted to join a subber group to see what they are like but gave out a quiz kind of thing, It's just annoying, to much trouble, saw them on Utaban, they looked nice, but their fun's coment, just get me on a wrong way.

Sorry to spamming your massege.
Top: ∞: A man with a plan. Or at least a joketopazera on June 24th, 2010 09:24 am (UTC)
No need to be sorry, like you said, it's nice to hear what other people think even when you feel differently! :D

always gave me a good time by just watching them interact with each other or other people, their songs not really my style, but I still love to listen to them
I agree, I have had a good time watching all the things I've seen. They just seem so comfortable which I guess makes sense considering how long they've known each other and been in the business!

Yokoyama Yu is my favorite, and the only one I watch, love him in dramas
Yokoooooooo! Yoko was definitely the person to bait me into Eito! Right after I saw them on Utaban, I went and watched Yoko tell his story about Pluto/Goofy on Hanamaru and it's been love ever since. ♥

HSJ - like Yamada Ryuske in drama's
I have pretty much NO option of HSJ but I was really impressed by Yamada in Hidarime Tantei EYE, I thought his acting was great actually!

Have you seen Nobuta wo Produce? That was what made me fall for Yamapi, I didn't really get his appeal before then. I still need to get to Kurosagi!

I wanted to join a subber group to see what they are like but gave out a quiz kind of thing,
Yeeeeeeah, that kind of thing happens. It's usually just for protection but it can get annoying. Arashi... I cannot speak reasonably about! I loved them since I saw them and will love them always no matter what. ♥ I think maybe behind the scenes of PVs represent them the best? Or their early shows, Mago Mago Arashi or D no Arashi are a good introduction? Anyway: I AM TOO FULL WITH LOVE TO TALK. :DD
sybersnake13sybersnake13 on June 24th, 2010 10:02 am (UTC)
Yep saw Nobuta wasn't bad, but Kamenashi kind of a no-no i guess, he was just unhealthily skinny, but the drama have good point,

Kurosagi was great, I recommend it, I still have it watched more then once. It get me to start to look into Yamapi, NEWS song, let's say just not for me, I looked into a few of his drama (50-50% like-don't like)

Arashi look nice, can't say much about them, sorry, but what I saw so far mostly Utaban, they look like a good combination, have nice interaction, and know each others well (NEWS... I wouldn't say that- sorry just watched News on Utaban :) They look like a close knitt unit, I liked that that was one of the reason I looked more into them at the start

peaches in the creases of a plastic bag: 30 Rock: Grizz and Dot Comphrenk on June 17th, 2010 10:49 am (UTC)

Disagreement, hmm: obviously less invested in Eito, despite my love of them. No desire to lick Yasu but a great desire to cuddle with him? :D No adulteration of my Ryo(-with Eito)-love, although I'm not saying yours is adulterated... idk. Our K-T feelings don't overlap completely but I don't care enough to examine mine, haha. I don't really have feelings about anyone in News other than Yamapi. I am still randomly wanting to punch Gussan but that is utterly irrational and I don't dwell on it.

Also I LOVE Sayendou by News. CATCHY PIRATES. I don't know how I acquired it but it makes me happy. Other than that I don't really have anything by them and I'm okay with that.

♥♥♥ MUCH AGREEMENT FROM MY SECTOR especially regarding feelings~~.
Top: AD: I'M A MONSTER! RAAAAAR!topazera on June 24th, 2010 09:31 am (UTC)

Ha, your disagreement all seems reasonable and not entirely unexpected to me! I'm going through a weird phase with Ryo, I actually think I'm feeling better just having actually said that and now I can start moving on. That was the one part I was thinking was too mean because I really do love Ryo-chan. :)

I'm kind of surprised by my own News feelings? They are rare but I've now had two different days where I downloaded a whole bunch of their TV and watched it all in a row. IDK, I find them relaxing? I will have to find the catchy pirates song! I think I heard it in your car once? WHAT CAN BE BAD ABOUT SONGS INVOLVING PIRATES?

My KAT-TUN feelings are already on the move, dammit post, you are going to be irrelevant so quickly. XD


Edited because I forget the "'m" in "I'm" twice, facepalm.

Edited at 2010-06-24 09:32 am (UTC)
♥: lostbrokendartist on June 17th, 2010 01:37 pm (UTC)
Toma ♥
I don't know much about JE, so this was an interesting read :).
If we talk about music + JE, then I only like Tegomass. And as for the boys, I would have to say I love Arashi the most even though I haven't seen too many of their shows yet. Also, I think I have had a thing for Jin since Anego.
Top: LOST: Blondes have more PWNSAUCEtopazera on June 24th, 2010 09:15 am (UTC)

I don't know much about JE, so this was an interesting read :).
Hee don't take me as an expert, it's only been a year since I got into Arashi and significantly less for other people, but I'm glad you found it interesting!

If we talk about music + JE, then I only like Tegomass.
I've actually been meaning to check them out further! One day I randomly watched the behind of the scenes from their first concert DVD and I was impressed that they made their concert have a live band and be all about listening to the music. I should actually watch the concert sometime. :)

ARASHI. They are just my boys, I can watch them do anything. I've seen far and away more Arashi shows than anything, they are the people I feel like I really know. ♥

I actually saw the first episode of Anego recently but was turned off by the "a woman's goal must be marriage!" angle. But I know a lot of people like it, so maybe I will have to try again.
♥: gdbrokendartist on June 24th, 2010 09:51 am (UTC)
I have to admit that I kept watching Anego for Jin, it wasn't that good of a show :P.
Top: 美人: Kanno Miho: Lady of my ~heart~topazera on June 24th, 2010 10:15 am (UTC)
Hahaha, fair enough! :P I did get far enough to see that Jin was cute and rocking a suit so I understand. Though I was totally starting it for Shinohara Ryoko. ♥
Yo.: ohkurayayinsipid_paragon on July 4th, 2010 04:12 am (UTC)
I am so late to this, but I want to say I love everything about it. Like, everything you say about Arashi? YES. And everything you say about varying likings of Eito? YES to that too, and I will spare you any reciprocating rambly thoughts on individuals, suffice to say there is a healthy variety. And I totally don't know KAT-TUN either, or NEWS for that matter, and I feel pretty much zero motivation to rectify it--I've seen plenty of them through various things, you know, as we JE fandomers do, and there was nothing to stir any sort of curiosity or feelings of attachment.

Unlike V6. Whoa. Whoa, when I finally came around to noticing them, whoa. And then I dived into watching them more, and came out of their shows and movies and histories (and god bless SCP's little heart for providing that to me) and now I not only like them, and am awed by their talent and persevering spirits and passion, I respect them so much and I feel like such the cheesy, overly sincere fangirl for saying that, and yet I will not stop saying it, even as I sit here blushing about it.

And so. Um. Anyway, I like what you say a lot. And I encourage any and all future explorations of V6. ;D
Anandanands_kisa on July 6th, 2010 02:52 am (UTC)
That's a pretty interesting post. Well, I can't discuss much with you, cause I'm totally new to Johnny's world and that's totally because of Yamapi. After this you can totally see that I love NEWS and I haven't seen much of other groups just because I'm still totally into NEWS after, idk, 2 months.
Well, what I can tell you is that Arashi is such a charismatic group that there's no way I cannot like them. They seem so sweet and seem to enjoy each other companies.
Eito is awesome. Just to see they are such a different group from the usual I have to love them. I know 2 or 3 songs from them and watch one or another variety show they were on. But they seem to get along so, so well and they seem to even don't care about failing or looking uncool.
Well, KAT-TUN is a really complicated subject. They seem to be case of love or hatred between people. Personally, I like their songs, they are really different from the usual Johnny's songs, BUT idk, I don't see chemistry between them. They're so wierd that I can't get them at all. Well, better finish here or I'm gonna write just too much haha
Oh, NEWS, I love them. Although Ryo and Pi look totally off from the group sometimes (though Pi's like that with or without the group lol). Like you said before, I have them in my mind the same way as you. The rest of them are just pure love! They have a great interaction and seem to like each other despite their flaws (cough Tego cough). And yeah, Massu is like that. Between the members, Massu is the one they know about the least. Massu's really shy and reserved.
Well, I know nothing about TOKIO. Only that some songs I listened from them are really boring. Same goes to Tackey & Tsubasa, though I still haven't listened to any of their songs and I don't feel like listening to them at all.
I watched SMAP's and V6's performances in Music Station for a Christmas special and I was so impressed with their performances that I started to have a curiosity towards them. Bout still I'm too lazy to watch their shows and listen to their songs. There are just too many!
All I can say about Kinki Kids is that I always think it's Boys instead of Kids xD And that they looked totally drunk in one of Johnny's Countdown. Oh, their songs look boring from the covers I've listened in Shounen Club. The Domoto Kyoudai is great to watch, but I don't have any special impression about them.
Toma is so sweet! I think he's brave to decide to be just an actor instead to debut in a group. That's not an easy task.