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16 August 2010 @ 10:05 pm
Weekly Update (for once)  
Man, so, I had quite the week last week. It's been a while since I had a week with so many ups and downs. XD Here, I'll catalog them:

Last Weekend: (+) Went to the beach! Sand! Sun! The sound of the ocean as I read!♥
Monday: (-) Spent an hour worrying out of my skull when my dad burst in and said "Your brother crashed his bike, we'll either be back in fifteen minutes or we're at the hospital". Thankfully not as serious as that hour of working had me thinking it would be!
Tuesday: (+) NEW LAPTOP ARRIVED! My first new computer in seven years! Wooo, it can play 700p files without a hiccup instead of crashing when asked to load a page with a gif on it! XD
Wednesday: (-) Ordinary trip to the orthodontist suddenly becomes "So, you have a choice to make: you should get four teeth pulled or all of this will be for nothing and revert after we take the braces off! Call you in two days for your answer, see ya!" D: D: D:
Thursday: (+) Boku no Miteiru Fukei arrives! I promptly fall in love. ♥
Friday: (-) I spend all day in a state of stress, worrying about what to say when my orthodontist calls… he never does. XD BUT ALSO, (+) ARASHI ON MS! Troublemaker never fails to make me feel all is right with the world. ♥

A little further explanation, partially cribbed from my conversations with people. Probably not of much interest to my lovely lj friends except if you have had teeth issues, I would love for other people to chime in!

Last Weekend: Wooo, Jersey Shore (ugh, the associations there pain me XD)! Good times, there was lots of happily reading on the beach with cans of pineapple juice on hand and only a mild sunburn on my chest. Though I think I've become more skittish about swimming in the ocean with age! Ever since I got thoroughly trounced one of the last times I went, it seems like what I rate as "rough" are what other people call "small". But they were breaking so far out! I'm used to getting past the breakers and just bobbing there! :D

Monday My dad and brother went on one of their usual bike rides but with an unusual result. About fifteen minutes after leaving, my dad bursts through the door calling my name and says only "Greg crashed his bike, we'll either be home in fifteen minutes or we'll be at the hospital." and then leaves again with the car. So naturally I spent the next hour trying to stay calm and telling myself "He said "might", if it was serious there would be no "might"!"... but still kind of freaking out! You hear 'hospital' and your mind goes terrible places! Thankfully, an hour later they both arrive home and while my brother has a nasty looking gash on his forehead and a bit of a tear (!!) in his ear, he was otherwise okay! You see a head wound and think the worst, but it was more of a sliding hit than a decelerating hit. But, of course, since no one in my family likes hospitals (not even my mom who kind of works in one XD), he wound up declining treatment even though he did make it over to see an admitting nurse. Though even that wasn't really by choice, as a police officer kind of conned him into it. Anyway, he was already back biking again the next day but I've been spending a little extra time hanging out with him in appreciation of it really not being anything big.

Tuesday NEW LAPTOP, NEW LAPTOP! :D I seriously have barely left it's side since it arrived. The laptop I've been using is one I received as a going-away-to-college present in senior year of high school. That was March 2003, if anyone is counting. XD Please excuse my self-indulgence as I list the main struggles: 1) I could barely connect to the internet, my connection would flicker in and out. If I was lucky, it would reach 100 KB/sec. I wasn't very lucky. 2) Gifs seriously would crash my browser, forget about YouTube. 3) Everything in Photoshop took a while to process soI kind of gave up on using it. 4) I couldn't play videos of over about 704x396 (which started becoming pretty LQ recently!) and even then they often had little hiccups. 5) My speakers no longer worked and my audio out was really finicky, I had to carefully arrange the wire at certain angles to get both sides of sound. I sometimes took a while, though I grew to be quite skilled at it. :)

I really have not yet got a handle on the fact that I can do do anything and watch anything at any time! We're having our little problems (dammit, Apple, stop using metal cases when it impacts your wireless reception!) but I'm so in love. *____*

Meet Kai-kun! The full name for my lovely new device is technically 'Kagayaku' but I shortened it (shh, I know there's no "i") to Kai-kun. Named in honor of both Ohno and his stocking clad calves and Yuuki Kai, as I'm currently rewatching Orange Days and remembering how much I love him. :)

Wednesday: I don't know if I have the mental fortitude to go through this again right now, so here's my first reaction (edited slightly for clarity), as sent to phrenk:

me: Noooooooooo. Vaaaaaaaaaaaaaal!
You are not here to hold me!
Okay, so, I paused HnA and went to my orthodontist for my usual appointment.
I was just expecting to get the elastics changed.
And they told me such NEWS. In my opinion, TERRIBLE NEWS.
They want to pull out four of my teeth!
From my head!
Perfectly good, healthy teeth!
Teeth that have done nothing to deserve this!
Okay, maybe I am overstating.
My mouth is far too crowded which I have always known. My upper and lower teeth right now are straight but pushing out too far in the front. It means instead of meeting at a supportive angle (130º), they are meeting at too extreme an angle. That puts pressure on my lower teeth and pushes them to be angled further out. According to my orthodontist, that means when the braces are removed, my mouth would revert and go all back to hell.
I understand this but fun fact: I AM TERRIBLE ABOUT ALL THINGS SURGERY RELATED. ;_;
They were so cavalier about this too.
He just walked in and was like "You have a decision to make! I really think you need to have four teeth out, take a few days to think about it and I'll call you on Friday." and I was like WAIT, WHAT, YOU HAVEN'T EVEN GIVEN ME ANYTHING TO THINK ABOUT and only got more information by pressing him with like six more questions.
But then got too upset and was trying no to cry and couldn't ask the rest of my questions.
I want a second opinion! Or just, an outside perspective!
Ugh, I'm such a whiner. I guess they were so casual about it since most people just accept.
Maybe I'll make an lj post of WOE and just accept my I'm terribly dramatic about this.

21 minutes later:
me: ahahaha, Nino laughing at Sho's evaluation during M5 is THE BEST. <3

So, this is my lj post of woe! If anyone had any experience getting teeth pulled due to orthodontics, give me a poke. I still have to make a decision that's going to distress me either way. I'm hoping to at least talk to my dentist, to get confirmation that this is more than just cosmetic and see what they think from a perspective of tooth health, and to poke around for patient experiences on the adult braces forum I've been frequenting.

Thursday: I can't form coherent thoughts about the new album yet except to say I LOVE it and I particularly love ALL OF THE SOLOS. I just find them so exciting and I'm going to DIE when I see them performed and YES! They'll be a lot more listening happening in the near future, I feel like I'm just getting used to this much new material at once.

Sometimes I like to destroy the subtle coloring of things and add more RAINBOW. Especially when the 60s glasses put me in the mood of pop art. Like the man himself, yellow was particularly tricky to work with. XD


I don't think my life has ever been better than when I first saw Matsujun jumping up and down with that stupid, lovely grin on his face. ♥

Okay, now back to my very important plans for this week: inhaling as much girl pop as possible. XD
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1992*4##111: 嵐 ✿ group ✿ leader molestationgimmick_game on August 17th, 2010 02:14 am (UTC)
oh man take the teeth out. DO ITTTTTT. My husband had braces for years when I first met him and he took them off and after about 3 months of perfectly straight teeth his ortho went "OOPS, FORGOT TO TAKE THIS OUT," but by that time he had a gap only braces again could fix. :<

Did you get a 15"? I have the 15 and fuck i Love it SOOOO MUUUUUUCH. *clings to MatsuFab*
Top: 嵐: Look at that magnificent plumage!topazera on August 17th, 2010 02:37 am (UTC)
Yeah, I do think it makes the most sense to get them out! It's just, I'm attached to my teeth! I finally got braces again because I wanted to take better care of them and it seems antithetical to lose four! What if I need those four teeth when I'm 80?? LOL, it's probably more of an emotional reaction than a logical one. I guess the bicuspids aren't that useful for either tearing or grinding anyway.

It's good to hear more braces related stories! It's hard to imagine getting them off at the moment but I REALLY cannot imagine having to put them right back on again. :/

Yessssssss. It's the 15" with the matte screen! My last was a 12" PowerBook so this felt huuuge at first but I'm getting used to it. ♥ MATSUFAB. That's such an appropriate name! *pets the pretty*
1992*4##111: 嵐 ✿ ohmiya ✿ full of gigglesgimmick_game on August 17th, 2010 02:44 am (UTC)
I don't know what screen I have but I think it's whatever the regular one is. XDDD I've had mostly Windows machines until now, but I bought an old PowerBook from a friend (14") to try it out and considering my mother is still using it now, this was a good investment. XDDD

I've always had 15" laptops, so I was glad I didn't get the 13"
THEY CALL ME THE HIPHOPOPOTAMUS.: YOU ARE MY SOUL SOULohmyghost on August 17th, 2010 05:54 am (UTC)
Teeth pulling will be worth it, I think! Although not exactly the most enjoyable of activities :( the alternatives are, I think, far more infuriating. ARASHI WILL SEE YOU THROUGH IT

I haven't yet downloaded that performance, although I hear such wonderful things! ...Come to think, why haven't I yet downloaded that performance, although I hear such wonderful things?!

Also your computer looks EXACTLY like my sister's new one, because not only is it the same type, it also has the same background. !!! spooky !!!
Top: 嵐: SHOOOOOOOtopazera on August 21st, 2010 12:53 am (UTC)
<>Although not exactly the most enjoyable of activities :( the alternatives are, I think, far more infuriating</i>
Yeah, I think my (mental) problem has been that I feel like I don't need things to be perfect. My standards are lower than theirs, I just want everything to be vaguely straight and stay vaguely straight and be healthy! So I get distrustful if this is really the only way. But it was definitely phrased to me like this was an all or nothing thing, my teeth will either be minus four or stay wrong forever. I am INCHING to coming to terms with this. XD

Did you update yourself on the MS front?? I sometimes inexplicably don't watch things I mean to too. Just not usually performances, since they require no subbing and I don't have to weigh whether I want to wait for them.

Also your computer looks EXACTLY like my sister's new one, because not only is it the same type, it also has the same background. !!! spooky !!!
...I think I may have plagiarized your sister. When I got my computer, I was like "I WANT A BACKGROUND FROM THAY SHOOT! I SAW PEOPLE WITH BACKGROUND FROM IT AND THEY WERE SO COOL!" but I'd forgotten where I saw them and wound up making my own. I THINK YOU'VE SOLVED THE MYSTERY. XD
peaches in the creases of a plastic bag: Beaton: Brosphrenk on August 17th, 2010 07:54 am (UTC)
Top: Pride: The smirk of one cocky bastardtopazera on August 21st, 2010 12:46 am (UTC)

♥!! Your voting for more posting always makes my heart all warm. :D
Apple: TS: Alien OOhhhhhfelixkeep on August 17th, 2010 08:24 am (UTC)
sweet laptop ~ *whistle*
and you just typed my name on ur post (i thought it was for me :'( ) ^^

the ms is nice right XD though i kinda hate how the camera vid doesn't focus properly, have you read the back stage of MS? ^^
Top: AtLa: [Sokka] Skeptical Facetopazera on August 21st, 2010 12:43 am (UTC)
Aw! Sorry for disappointing you! :D I like your name a lot though. ♥

though i kinda hate how the camera vid doesn't focus properly, have you read the back stage of MS? ^^
Ha, yeah, it makes capping tough sometimes. ...I don't think so, was that translated somewhere and I missed it?
Yo.: [arashi] dorkinsipid_paragon on August 25th, 2010 03:38 am (UTC)
Hi, hi, I came to visit from sparklehole and your tale of orthodontic woe has me wincing in sympathy and did you make your decision? I've had my grillwork in place for going on two years, and so far the experience has involved chains glued to teeth still wholly within my gums, a laser gun frying away a chunk of gum tissue, and a little screw twisted into my jaw bone. I am both terrified and fascinated to see what else may emerge from this experience.

Orthodontics. Where we pay ridiculous loads of money to have modern torture and/or S&M devices attached to our pearly whites.

I wish you a future of enviably straight teeth!
Top: 嵐: Look at that magnificent plumage!topazera on September 21st, 2010 06:10 pm (UTC)
Hi hi! Aw, you are too sweet to come over and comment on my woe! I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner, my reaction to this comment when I received it was probably something like TOO MUCH EMOTION, I'M GOING TO OVERWHELM THIS POOR PERSON WHO JUST LEFT ONE NICE COMMENT.

I'm actually right now catching up on missed comments during my recovery from giving up those teeth! The actual surgery wasn't so bad, it was more the responsibility to say that those healthy teeth had to go.

Oh man, you too! I hope your teeth look stellar by the end of the process, that sounds like quite the ordeal! I've been living in fear that they'd want to do something to my jaw but honestly I hadn't even known to fear laser beams. XD You're a trooper!

Orthodontics. Where we pay ridiculous loads of money to have modern torture and/or S&M devices attached to our pearly whites.
Ha, you could put that on a brochure! It's seriously amazing what we pay to endure, right? Although after a while, it does seem to become kind of an interest! I actually really wanted a copy of the 3D model they made of my head before this surgery.

Thanks for the support, it's good to hear about other people making it through their trials!