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12 January 2004 @ 03:02 am
Okay, time to start...  
Well, I was forcibly made to get a livejournal a bit a ago. I then proceeded to move straight into fiddling with the colors and deciding to make an icon... without ever, um, using the livejournal. So here I am. It really figures, I have always liked the show of dressing up better than actual activity. Unfortunatly for me, I can't go online on my lovely shiny laptop, which is usually when I feel like writing anything. Ah, sweet Aizoutoushi, I just love getting use out of her! Anyways, today I saw Return of the King again! It has now been solidified as my favorite movie. I love conclusive endings! I continue to mourn the lack of Faramir/Éowyn, I swear they are on screen less each time! Actually, that's probably just the fault of my mounting love for them. Of course, I most enjoyed seeing my sweet hobbits! Ahhh. Would it be so wrong to name my future son Samwise? Sam is a normal nickname... I got a drag my parents to Return of the King, which was great, I love seeing the movie with new people. I would really like to see it once more before I leave for the MON, or that great unknown of College. My day was also made bright by a trip to Barnes and Noble, though they had absolutely none of the books I needed or wanted. Still, the meandering was fun. I entertained myself by reading old Foxtrot. I love Jason. I also saw the coolest anthology of Gary Larson comics ever. They were the largest books I had ever seen... or at least remember. The Art of The Return of the King will yet be mine! Hmm, did I obsess over ROTK enough today? That movie puts me in an emotional state for the rest of the day. I fear for the results of my history final that I took directly after my first viewing. It was certainly worth it though.
Current Mood: nerdynerdy
Current Music: The Stewart of Gondor