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12 October 2010 @ 06:30 am
An Introduction to Sungkyunkwan Scandal (by way of my twenty favorite caps from episode two!)  
Wooooo, I've finally completed a post about a drama I'm currently watching! Triumph! This is all thanks to phrenk taking up the challenge of choosing 20 caps per episode for our current drama obsession Sungkyunkwan Scandal and posting them over at folderdropping. I was brought in as an alternate to do episode two... and wound up going a little overboard with the styling. So, in the spirit of my drama posts of old, here are my 20 favorite caps (all the ones sized the largest) annnnnd some additional caps I couldn't bear to cut (all the smaller caps).

This post is actually a continuation post of phrenk's episode one post here! You should totally go read that first because if you don't find her case compelling, there's probably not much I can do! This post is also kind of written as an introduction because I am loser who wound up introducing the characters in a much less succinct way than she did? I don't know, you guys, I can really only write either pimp posts or lists. ♥ This picspam contains most of the main ideas of the show, though obviously nothing past episode two. I tried to include enough information to hook anyone new to the show without having too many spoilers! Proceed with caution if you're really spoiler-phobic but otherwise I hope you'll check it out.

To quote phrenk, since I'd just be stealing her research as to exactly when this show is set anyway, "Sungkyunkwan Scandal is a drama set in the late Joseon period, sometime between 1776 and 1800. It is about a female scholar who cross-dresses and goes to university. It is awesome. Kim Yoon Hee lost her father at a young age and has been supporting her family, including her sick brother, by utilizing her knowledge of literature as a scribe. She is super smart and strong and oh, I love her."

Ugh, drama, you are too good to me! The second episode picks up with our leads staring at each other's lips. The first clue to help guide you if this drama is for you or not! :D

Okay, let's get to this right off the bat: THIS SHOW IS VISUALLY STUNNING. I really need to watch more period drama because both JIN and Sungkyunkwan Scandal have made my heart hurt with how beautiful they are. ♥

Yoon Hee has your average teenage worries. You know, like getting married off as a second wife to a scummy old dude in lieu of paying the family debt. (Also these underlayers that are part of women's clothing are seriously bewitching. ♥)

She does what anyone would do, she gets up and faces the bastard with her head held high.

Submits gracefully to being made up as his bride.

And once he thinks he's won, she steals away, shucks off her wedding dress, dresses as a boy and takes a highly illegal job right under the nose of King in order to earn the money her family owes.

Lee Seon Joon: Probably the last person you want to encounter when attempting shady dealings. Of course, meet our leading man. Lee Seon Joon is the son of an important minister in the government and is looking to enter the Sungkyunkwan in order to serve society to the best of his ability. He is incredibly righteous (a virtue and a flaw), surprisingly idealistic, terrible at making friends, and overall a bit (lot) of a uptight loser. It is amazing how all of these things have aligned to endear him to me. ♥

I like to call this next section "Yoon Hee takes on the world and wins". In the course of one episode she stares down: the king of the country, her love interest (a good guy but also sometimes a tool ♥), her boss and the asshole who was thought she was worth a hundred coins. YOON HEE IS MY FAVORITE.

No big, just casual crushing her boss's hand for information. Speaking honestly to the most powerful person in the nation. Uprooting the privileged beliefs of some new acquaintance. Going to the home of the Minster of War and pounding on the door in the middle of the night to throw the money he weighed against her life in his face. As you do.

While Yoon Hee started dressing as a boy to earn income that she wouldn't otherwise be able to make, she winds up forced to commit to her other persona and attend the most prestigious school in the nation, Sungkyunkwan. The penalty for being discovered? Execution. Yeah, a bit higher stakes than modern cross-dressing dramas. XD (ALSO AS YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED, SHE'S PRETTY GREAT LOOKING IN ANY CLOTHING OR LACK OF IT. Sighhhhhh, I love that a shot like this happens in every crossing drama known to Asia. Please continue this. :D)

Not only is Yoon Hee giving her up identiity to enter the Sunkyunkwan, she has to use her brother's name to do it. Meaning that he essentially has to forfeit being anyone by giving her his name plate (also in her hand, a knife from her mother that she's worn every day. Augh, it breaks me!). Yoon Hee's family plays a relatively small role but the show makes the most of it. I really love them.

Although he only makes a brief appearance in this ep, I had to mention our secondary guy: Rui Geol Oh. And his fantastic smirk. Trust me, although all he does in this episode is get himself thrown out of a bar and dashed with salt like an evil spirit, you will soon be adoring Geol Oh.

*sniff* Yoon Hee is a practical person. Although she's studied literature on her own all her life, having any sort of formal training is beyond the reach of a woman. So despite the danger, we see her immediately bloom when she's able to enter the Sungkyunkwan, a place entirely devoted to learning. It's a dream she didn't dare to dream and you can see how much it means to her written on her face. (Her faaaaaace, no seriously, I misted up in the second episode and it was over academic fulfillment. ♥)

Lee Seon Joon: Probably the last person you want to give special treatment in an attempt to curry favor with him and his father. (Hahaha, that is the school principal making that mistake. XD)

PROTIP: If someone ever makes this face at you, DO NOT TRUST THEM.

Annnd enter the third student to take an interest in our heroine, Yong Ha. See those twinkling eyes? That's Yong Ha sensing a secret being kept for him and he finds few greater pleasures in life than knowing everyone's secrets. If the Sunkyunkwan had a Gossip Girl, it would be Yong Ha. XD Accordingly, both the audience and Yoon Hee are not quite sure what to make of his intentions.

Ah, finally, time to call it a day and retire to her empty room! She can pull off her chest compressor and....

"No... I wanted the opposite of this. :("

Woooooo~ It's time to celebrate! All the freshies first year scholars are on campus! Break out the drums and the fireworks, let's get this party started... wait, who's that lame dude standing apart from everyone else, his back ramrod straight, not even looking up at the awe inspiring firework display?

OH LEE SEON JOON. I love you. BUT I WILL NEVER STOP LOLING AT YOU. You are such a killjoy. ♥

You can't have a insular campus society without hazing so it's time to introduce out resident antagonist and student body president, In Soo!

In Soo has about two expressions: stone cold and knocking back soju like a pro.

In a scene reminiscent of the famous shrimp heard 'round the world,Yoon Hee's humble offering is rejected as food unfit for (upper class) consumption. Dude, you think she's going to intimidated by a little school bullying? She's already faced the King and a dick War Minister this week. She's even got back-up this time.

Oh, LSJ. You are in trouble. You may as well give up any pretension of being aloof. In fact, you might as well just get used to the idea of falling in love with someone you think is of the same gender right now. Look at her face!

And since it wouldn't be a kdrama without constant cliffhangers, meet our next challenges! Why it's a lovely girl who is instantly smitten with Lee Seon Joon (despite the fact that he deems more than a curt inquiry as to her well-being as improper)! Meanwhile Yoon Hee faces... a whole lot of girls determined to undress her?

GULP. Stay tuned folks! Seriously, if you're not watching this one: YOU REALLY SHOULD BE. :DD

ETA: Oh! And phrenk just completed her folderdropping compliant spam of episode 2 here and it is hilarious. UM, CAN YOU TELL WE'RE REALLY INTO THIS SHOW RIGHT NOW? :DD
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♥: mjsbrokendartist on October 12th, 2010 12:23 pm (UTC)
I love this drama so so much, I love MJS's smirk and everything about him, nice caps you chose!
Top: HK: OMG LOVE!!topazera on October 12th, 2010 12:34 pm (UTC)
Yay, a fellow fan! I only started watching it last week but I've inhaled episodes so fast. They seriously feel about 20 minutes long, the show is so good! ♥

I have been so thoroughly charmed by him! Even when he only has one scene, that just means that's a scene I need to cap. I LOVE your icon! ♥ I totally need to get one.
peaches in the creases of a plastic bag: Beaton: The guillotine!phrenk on October 12th, 2010 02:26 pm (UTC)

in the spirit of my drama posts of old
I VOTE THE DRAMA POSTS OF OLD BE RESURRECTED IF THIS IS THEIR SPIRIT. I mean, not that I don't know that this is their spirit, I've seen them... I don't know what I'm saying. I'M SAYING MORE DRAMA POSTS, I THINK. MORE POSTS.

I can really only write either pimp posts or lists.

So despite the danger, we see her immediately bloom when she's able to enter the Sungkyunkwan, a place entirely devoted to learning. It's a dream she didn't dare to dream and you can see how much it means to her written on her face.




Belén: [DORAMA] ghd; ghd smileprincesaskater on October 12th, 2010 03:05 pm (UTC)
This drama is driving me crazy 'cause I'm obsessed specially with moon jae shin and his smile hahahahahaha I'm spanish and I'm thinking see the dram with english subs because can't wait LOL

note to myself *need search SKK icons XD*
Chocolate & EITO addicttika_veilan on October 12th, 2010 06:06 pm (UTC)
Your posts are always so pretty. ♥

I still haven't watched any KDrama properly (started You're Beautiful but gave up after episode 4)... But there are so many JDramas I plan to watch I don't know if I can find time for KDramas. xD

But if I do I will try this one for sure because yay for smart and powerful female leads! :D
aka Sundowner: SKKS3timescout on October 26th, 2010 09:24 am (UTC)
My current Total!Obesession. I don't remember when last I've been so in love with a drama. I want to marry it and have it's babies! :)

The whole cast is amazing. I love them all, even In So's brown nosing flunkies but I have to confess to an ever so slight Jae Shin bias. The boy is just too hawt to ignore. XD

Lovely post btw.