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27 October 2010 @ 04:27 pm
it's sweet the taste this bit of love  
skja;kfdgkgfak SO. I have a new show and it's looking like it's here to stay for a while. That show is THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. Two months ago I consumed all of S1 NON-STOP. For a week straight, every spare hour that I watched TV, I watched The Vampires Diaries. I'll be straight with you. When they first started advertising this show I thought "LOL, I should have expected that the CW would have their own Twilight." But then I heard around the ol' internets that people liked this show a lot so I figured it couldn't be all that much like Twilight after all. The question then became "Do I want to watch a show with a potentially endless love triangle and a high probability of characters dying?" (Note: That first assumption turned out to be totally incorrect. Thankfully. XD People do die sometimes though.) For a long time my heart answered no… but then phrenk started watching and flailing about it and I knew my downfall had arrived. XD All hope has been lost. It's currently the only show I watch as soon as the new episode goes up online.

I may disclaim a lot of posts but this one especially needs it: this is a compilation of things I wrote over the course of season one and the beginning of season two. Therefore, it's not all edited to reflect to my current feelings. With all the intensity of season two so far, it's like trying to build on shifting sands anyway. Plus this is very feelings-y. I think this show has become something impressively subtle and well-plotted. So sometimes when I'm initially distressed about a development, once I calm down I appreciate just how well it was executed and made to feel inevitable. When I reread things I wrote, I may disagree with them myself. :)

ELENA FUCKING GILBERT. Oh man, I really adore her. I'm so glad she isn't a milk toast main character that's there to react to the vampires. ;) Yes, she is a normal girl… who will pick up a pencil and stab the crap out of a vampire, who always insists on going on rescue missions, who will really do anything to make sure people she loves are safe and happy. I love that she's such a active character. She looks for answers. She's in on the plan. She's a badass. She never turns away from thinking about the tough, painful things in her life. I think I might make hearteyes at Elena the most! (SHE IS ALSO REALLY GORGEOUS.)

STEFAN, THE DOOFY VAMPIRE. OKAY, so, coming into the show, what I was going to think of Stefan was my biggest conundrum. He's played by THAT GUY, that guy whose face I hated in Everwood and American Dreams. I could not imagine watching a show starring that guy. And yet, I knew he was playing the boring, good vampire and, guess what? I love that guy. Which one of these impulses would win out?

That question would be answered quickly and soundly with a OMG STEEEEFAN, YOU ARE THE CHILL VAMPIRE BOYFRIEND OF MY HEART! PLEASE KEEP QUOTING HISTORICAL FACTS TO MEEE! Seriously guys, he's so calm and understated in his being totally great. He really cares about people. He makes fun of himself. Not only do I love as much I usually like the uncool vampire (which is A LOT), I actually also think he is so pleasantly well-adjusted! He smiles! He would like to have fun! This whole being followed everywhere by death and catastrophe (much of it in form of his brother) thing gets him down and causes some merited brooding. But it's not like he wants to live forever dealing with vampire drama, he wishes that a life of cuddling and double dating was in the cards for him! UGH, MY ONLY PROBLEM NOW IS THAT I LOVE HIM TOO MUCH. I'm so chuffed that the answer to my question was actually "Paul Wesley is an awesome actor and you were wrong". He so effectively made me hate him on other shows and now I love him all the more for that. ♥

Okay, since I've already talked about how much I love them separately, I must now admit that what I suspected might happen has happened: I'm invested Elena/Stefan to an stunning degree. It's kind of a problem. XD I think they are adorable and make each other happy and are better together than they are apart. They are just so open and trusting with each other. Whenever they have gone through conflicts (most notably Stefan's bloodlust arc), it's only served to deepen their mutual understanding and stability. "Stability" may not sound like a sexy word to people but IMHO that's what leads to the intimate and powerful scenes that we're privy to. We get to see them find the time to laugh, do mundane things when they have the chance, to casually slip an arm around the other whenever they feel like. They really have a lot of scenes where they just talk things through and I find the trust they established so sexy. So these feelings are only compounded to me when they also add in make-outs. XD It's honestly to the point where I can't imagine them truly separating at heart, they are just each other's people.

The thing that is a problem is I'm almost tragically monogamous in my shipping. Like, I want to explore Damon having undeniable, real feelings for other people... but so many people seems to think this boils down to him getting with Elena?? I so don't want Damon/Elena to happen. My heart stopped for a second during the season one finale, a moment of "noooo, show, what have you done!" To be honest, I would be happiest with Stefan/Elena FOREVER and Damon just learning to sort out his complicated relationship with his brother and his ~feelings~ for Elena. I appreciate how Damon is such an important person to Stefan and that he's someone that Elena really cares for. Yet I only want to see them give him as much as they choose to without damaging their own relationship. Damon having loved ones brings out the human qualities in him and I find that to be a fascinating topic without bringing in anything romantic/sexual! hahaha, I'm probably the only person that just wants to see the same two people date forever. IDK, we will see what will happen on the show and with my heart! If those two things wind up diverging, it'll be a sad day.

I probably have the most complicated relationship with Damon but I think that's the show intention! I really like that Damon is a throughly grey character, that he really has retained just why vampires are so seductive and dangerous. He does things that can't be rationalized away: he kills innocent people, kills people we care about, and has spent a good deal of time being awful and/or a blockhead about things. There have been times (early in the show) where I thought there was a strong case for Damon getting staked, though knowing it wasn't actually a possibility. But Damon is also fascinating and conflicted, we see him being loved and loving. He has his own moral compass, even when he doesn't follow it. So I can't help but like him (even when I sometimes hate him) and want to see what happens next for him. I'm not sure where Damon is going. I think when you think "bad boy vampire", you think "redemption arc" but I'm not sure if it will ever actually be an arc? It's more like Damon just gets a little more self-aware about his actions even though he still does the same things he would, he appreciates the impact more. I think it would be really interesting if they don't woobify him too much in the future. He does make for a hell of a loose cannon. Plus Ian Somerhalder's twisty smirks and snappy one-liners have no equal. XD

RESPECTABLE LADIES OF MYSTIC FAAAAAALLS! I (still) love them so much. I got so excited when we started flashing back to 1864. I was already such a fan of having another time period in the mix but it turned out even better than I would have guessed. Katherine, such a psychopath, such a badass. ♥ Pearllll, dominating everyone with charm! Annabelle, forever the daughter! Emily, friend of the vampires and whaaaaat, her crazy relationship with Katherine! ♥ They are just so interesting and of course I am into seeing a group of ladies running the town and breaking hearts and chuckling into their tea.

And Annaaaaaaaa! Okay, my main problem (or "problem" since it's so good and well-plotted that it's hard to really disagree with anything) with this show: THEY KILL OFF SUPER INTERESTING CHARACTERS! Okay, obviously this is a vampire show, I knew that people would die who I wouldn't want to die. STILL, SOMETIMES I THINK THEY ARE JUST TOO RUTHLESS FOR THEIR OWN GOOD. Seriously, Anna was like my fourth favorite character for a while there! I loved that after Katherine, she was the Mystic Falls vampire with the most history. I loved that she was constantly defining herself as a daughter, as a girl, even when she spent over a hundred years on her own. I loved how much she wanted to live and how much she let herself change. Basically, I want to know so much more about Anna. She had such a long history that we barely dipped into. She's the one person that I don't think I can forgive the show for losing. But we have also notably lost Lexiiiiiiiii, who was the best! I wanted to know everything about Lexi! She was in one scene and I had already opened my heart to her! Whyyyyyyy. And Pearl, who I also adored! BASICALLY, THIS SHOW OFFICIALLY ISN'T ALLOWED TO TOUCH ANOTHER AWESOME LADY, MY HEART ISN'T STRONG ENOUGH.

So that's a good segue into CAROLINE! I adore Caroline, I always have. I loved her as the well meaning but brusque friend! I loved her as the normal girl who reminded us to care about high school! And I love her as the fledgling vampire learning about the new person she is! I actually think I cried more than any of the characters on the show when she was turned. XD It really hit me hard that Caroline died, even though she wasn't gone, because Caroline has always been such a bright spot for me. I think they're now doing what there was the potential to do with Vicki, going through the long adjustment period to vampirism and owning her badassery. So see previous declaration: they cannot touch a hair on Caroline head! She is officially part of the team now, okay? I will not brook any argument!

So it probably gets tiring to hear, but I really do love so many people on this show. XD I love Bonnie. She's become such a source of strength and power on the show but she always tries to use it so conservatively. Not only does she want to help her friends but she wants to take up protecting the entire town. I think Bonnie is in a bit of a tough place right now, as a character. After what she has been through the last year, I think her anti-vampire position is completely understandable. It makes sense to think vampires are bad news. It's just hard since towing such a hardline has put her in conflict with our main characters and her best friend. I really hope she gets more attention from the writers and this season is about how she has to allow for a little more grey and reconcile with Elena (and therefore the vampires by proxy) and Caroline (a more direct challenge but oh, I want it so much). I hope she gets a chance to have more support and be a little more free at heart then too, I miss Bonnie's gorgeous smile. While still being able to kill people with her brain of course. ♥

OTHER THINGS I'M NOT SO INTERESTED IN: Werewolf drama! Anytime when Jeremy is a douche to Elena!

OTHER THINGS THAT ARE AWESOME: Damon and Bonnie, more scenes plz! Katherine being a psychopath with the ability to make centuries-long plans! Stefan and Caroline, a mentorship for bloodthirsty vampires! SHERIFF LIZ FORBES and her stunningly interesting relationships with vampires!
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Tammy: Sweetheart!novemberbaby on October 27th, 2010 10:56 pm (UTC)
Eeeeeeeeeeeeee! I LOVE THE SALVATORE BROTHERS. And no, you're not alone on wanting Elena to be with Stefan forever because that's what I want too. I know there are some Damon/Elena shippers out there, but as long as Damon has feelings for Elena, he's never going to move on. And I really want to see him with Bonnie because that would make an interesting and forbidden relationship. :D
Top: VD: yeah you got metopazera on October 28th, 2010 02:06 am (UTC)
EEEEEEEE! I really should have written a whole paragraph on the brothers and their brothering because it's so good. I'm a big fan of sibling relationships so YES, I am interested in seeing what happens when you add some vampirism and a hundred years. SALVATORE BROTHERS. ♥

And no, you're not alone on wanting Elena to be with Stefan forever because that's what I want too.
Oh good. I haven't really looked at fandom except where I encountered it on Tumblr and so many people there were watching every episode in this predatory way, just waiting for Damon/Elena to happen and that is not what I want at all. I felt weird bringing it up though, since I don't want to make it seem like everyone needs to have an ALLEGIANCE and a SIDE. XD I think Damon is such an interesting character and I love to watch him, I also think he is going to be forever intertwined with Stefan and Elena. I just don't think that necessarily leads to an OT3 for me? It may suck to be Damon in that he's no one's first choice but I like what they've built between Stefan and Elena so much. I think it's okay that she has separate and different love for the Salvatore brothers, not everything has to go to a romantic/sexual place.

But yeah, Damon still has a long way to go anyway. It hasn't been very long since he was randomly snapping the necks of loved ones just because he was depressed. That would indicate to me that he is far behind either of them in the trusting relationship department. XD

And I really want to see him with Bonnie because that would make an interesting and forbidden relationship. :D
I'm am not even sure how it work would but I'm very interested in that idea myself. I mean, they have such an equal playing ground, it's exciting to watch! :D (Plus SO PRETTY and Bonnie needs more screetime IMHO.)

Edited at 2010-10-28 04:10 am (UTC)
katmillia on October 28th, 2010 12:28 am (UTC)

Her other series are better LOL

Top: 嵐: matsufabtopazera on October 28th, 2010 01:39 am (UTC)
hahaha AMAZING. You were so ahead of the curve. XD Sometimes when I'm watching this show I'm like "Ahhhh, supernatural romance, it's like I never left high school! ...If this is wrong, I don't want to be right." ♥ But it really is a surprisingly good show, not even for the CW, it's a good show by much higher standards! :D

katmillia on October 28th, 2010 01:52 am (UTC)
I'm assuming past the premise, not that much, since the books were just a trilogy (originally) and then she added a fourth and apparently a new fifth? Haven't read the fifth. But Dark Visions is another trilogy of hers that is amazing, along with her Night World books (if you want some Supernatural romance haha).
redbrunja: tvd | nice guys finish lastredbrunja on October 28th, 2010 11:43 pm (UTC)
Two months ago I consumed all of S1 NON-STOP. For a week straight, every spare hour that I watched TV, I watched The Vampires Diaries.

That sounds AMAZING.


Same here. Goddamn, do I ever want to take a history class from him.

There have been times (early in the show) where I thought there was a strong case for Damon getting staked, though knowing it wasn't actually a possibility

Damon is my favorite character AND YET I was totally rooting for Lexie's boyfriend to stake his ass and everything Bonnie hurts him and/or sets him on fire? A+
peaches in the creases of a plastic bag: Beaton: absorbedphrenk on October 29th, 2010 01:25 am (UTC)
We aren't exactly the same in our feelings but we are pretty close, especially when it comes to how much we freaking love this show. I am so glad you started watching this, too! You are the best, face. ♥