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04 December 2010 @ 02:54 am
Four of Five!  
4/29/2010 - The Walk

(All photos from Tourphotographer.com!)

Wore: Sparkly Gold Jacket otherwise known as my Matsujun Jacket, white and pink striped shirt. Hair in side ponytail.

Line: Arrived at 12:15, got stuck on the annoying uncomfortable grate right past the Duane Reed. Linemates on the left were nice but kind of had their own group going plus I spent sometime listening to music(/watching Code Blue on) my ipod. went and got sunscreen (and a cold juice) at 1:15 when I had started burning from being in the sun... annnnd of course, as soon as I got back and applied it, the sun went behind the next building. XD Oh yes, the weather was lovely today, a little cool in the shade so a light layer was required but gorgeous. I realized at about 12:45 that I had brought the wrong ticket for tonight buuuuut I waited until 4:00 when I was on better terms with my linemates and also wanted to drop stuff back at the room to "discover" it in front of them. Because I'm a jerk. XD

Standing: About five rows back, center but towards Isaac's side. About two people to the left of Tall Bald Guy/Detroit/Nick and three people to the right of Hot Pink Hair Girl. XD

Show: While obviously I am my usual indecisive self and have been saying since I saw this concert series "I cannot pick a favorite!" this maaaaaay be my favorite. It was just such a high-energy show, even for a Hanson concert! I think because this is the most recent album that we know all the songs too and, for me at least, I have loved each succeeding album more than the last. "Shout It Out" is now my favorite record but at the time I saw the show, I only really knew half the songs! ANYWAY, THIS SHOW. WAS FANTASTIC.

I really hadn't realized how much I missed Great Divide! It's just one of those songs that's both a great song and a great concert song (at admittedly that's about 85% of Hanson's songs. XD) Been There Before has that groove that everyone loves and I will never hear "Does it move you? Does it soothe you? Does it fill your heart and soul with the roots of rock and roll?" in concert enough times. I think we Hanson fans always take their meta songs particularly to heart because while they are talking about their treasured musicians like Johnny Cash and Otis Redding, we're thinking of them. ♥ Georgia is another one of those songs I'd just missed! "I don't want to let you go/ And I don't want to lose you slowly" is just meant for belting out at concerts. :D Watch Over Me is probably my favorite Ike song everrrrrr. It's got a very Minute Without You feeling, concertwise, to me. Great clapping in that one too. RUNNING MAN. SUCH A ROCKER. I think it really foreshadowed the feel of "Shout it Out" concerts, just totally totally badass and with this aggressive edge. Another I CAN NEVER SEE THIS ENOUGH. And I actually really loved going according to the CD for this show because I think this album had a much more cohesive 'story' to it. It rises and falls very specifically and I think the juxtaposition of gorgeous, gorgeous Go after Running Man is just the best. I was super happy that Taylor's voice seemed to have recovered a lot from the previous night because the vocals were pretty perfect. Fire On The Mountain was exciting because it's so comparatively rare, I can probably count on one hand how many times I've seen it and it's even more unusual to get the full band. One More is probably my least favorite on the album, it's a good song just not a fantastic song in my eyes. :D MEANWHILE, BLUE SKY. Okay, I liked the song from the beginning, but I think this song has just grown and grown in concert. The "whoa oh oh" part that has been taken up by the audience? SO much fun! It seriously made me laugh that both times we're really supposed to come in, the audience was on it loooong before the Hansons could encourage it. Zac was just like "You go!" and Taylor made his "Well then" smiley face. Relax guys, we've got this. Also I love the "for something moooore" part, HAS THERE EVER BEEN A MORE SOARING NOTE, IT THINK NOT. AND THEN AND THEN, TEARING IT DOWNNNNNN. Ahhhhhhh, that's if not my favorite song on the record then the one I wanted to hear the most from it! IT'S THE BEST SONG. I think every concert should have it but I get the sense it's a little tricky to orchestrate live? We'll get back to that. ;) Something Going Round is yet another song the fans have sort of adopted as an anthem. XD To be fair, they do always make "I think you guys have that something" remarks to kick off this song every time. I personally always dance (it's meant to be a sultry dance but I bet it doesn't look it XD) this one and enjoy the hell out of it. I know that everyone else does the "enjoy the hell out of it" part. ♥ Your Illusion is a song that's took me a while to warm to but I now really enjoy it (and relate to it). However it was hilarious that they even pretended that was the end of the album because, really, the next song is not a "secret' track. It's the title track. Anyway, they left the stage and then Zac reemerged by himself (again, LOL, I love that Zac gets to "close out" two shows this week. XD) and sat down at the piano. The Walk, what to even say about that song? I have adored it since before we knew the title. I remember seeing it on the Underneath tour and just being transfixed. And I'm equally transfixed every time I see it. I think it's some of the most evocative visual imagery they've done and holy hell, Zac's voice. You know, of the Hanson ballads, I used to relate most strongly to Song to Sing but in more recent years, I've really identified with The Walk. It overtook Song to Sing as my favorite ballad. The Hansons are so good at creating these slow, beautiful pieces of music that just strike a chord with something I'm experiencing when they come out. I've much much grown alongside them, the time since the end of college can definitely be felt in The Walk. So I'm not at all surprised to say I cried when this song was played. I honestly think the last notes in "And don't lose yourself in your fear" is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard in my life.

And now, on a totally different note, encore songs! I seriously cannot remember at all the pithy remarks made when they took the stage again but I sure as hell remember the feeling of this encore. We started with One More though I'm not sure what was flawed the first time but we'll take it! AND THEN AND THEN: we were asked to make some noise. We were asked to go crazy. We were asked to give everything we had left because the night is over. TEARING IT DOWN. AGAIN. TWICE IN ONE NIGHT. I'M IN HEAVEN. And, oh, did the Hanson fans answer. The place was absolutely insane. The energy in the room was not only palpable, it felt like the room was electrified. We screamed "tearing it down" and it honestly felt like we could just start tearing the place down. It was just such an unbelievable fan experience, the whole place seemed so unified. And for our final song of the night, we had Something Going Round which is just a perfect closer. I almost thought they might have just chosen to do it again voluntarily. SO GOOD, HANSON, SO GOOD.

(Ahahaha, we really sweated it out. XD And I love Taylor's "Yeah, we brought it" face.)
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madisonfinkmadisonfink on December 7th, 2010 01:32 am (UTC)
AH~! This sounds like such an amazing time and their faces and their awesomeness and AH really, HANSON~! Why had I stopped listening to you!? (Oh that's right I became a "hardcore" "rocker" kid but AH this world I ignored WHY?!)

I think I have you to thank for making me re-realize my love for Hanson.
madisonfinkmadisonfink on December 16th, 2010 04:09 am (UTC)

This def. not the correct place for this but I'm excited for it now to go casually mention to my brothers about 5 of 5 XD
Top: 嵐: Look at that magnificent plumage!topazera on December 21st, 2010 09:29 am (UTC)
Eeeeeeee~ This is a fine place! This is good for all things Hanson! THAT'S SO EXCITING! I wonder what in particular you are getting, you will have to tell me. ♥

I'm sorry I am responsible for this money being spent but I am not sorry you are getting back into them because: DOOOOOORKSSSSSSS~ ♥
madisonfinkmadisonfink on December 21st, 2010 11:50 pm (UTC)
I'm pretty sure it's gonna be Shout it Out but I don't know yet because it's all nicely wrapped and I'm itching to rip into it's wrapping XD

And that is a good thing to be responsible for~~~ Thank you Miss (or Ms.?) Top~
Me; Hey y'know what I want for Christmas?
Bro; I don't care
Me; Of course you do, anyway I want Hanson's 5 of 5 DVD because it's awesome and has-
Bro; Hanson?
Me; Yeah Hanson...anyway 5 OF 5~~~
Bro; the MmmBop...Hanson...MmmBop *mumbles along* MmmBop *goes on for a while*
Me; Is that all you know?
Bro; That's all you need to know...YOU WEREN'T EVEN AROUND WHEN HANSON WAS!
Then we argued about what I was and wasn't around for then my mother and myself left but yeah, he just kept singing MmmBop and I was entertained.
ALSO TODAY, I saw a gold sequined purse and I almost begged for it but it was $284.54 so I refrained from doing so because I'm cheap and well yeah, $200+ for a purse is ridiculous in my mind.