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08 January 2011 @ 03:11 pm
'Tis the season!  
Okay, I know it's been a while since Christmas but since I'm rather slow on the draw: I wanted to do a post on my favorite Christmas "gifts"! Here "gifts" reads as the little things that made my holiday season and includes a lot of televised things. As that's how I roll. :D

Gift #1: The sunrise on Christmas Day, as seen from my bedroom window.

The ladies of Kohaku!

I've watched the first half of Kohaku and other than all the sweet Arashi and the artists I already knew I liked, my next favorite part was the enka ladies! They were so awesome. The first lady in this picspam was SO CUTE when she was doing her victory signs in front of all these happily dancing people. There were also ADORABLE older folk dancing behind her! I particularly liked watching the older gentleman in red and the baa-chan with the red and white polka-dotted neckerchief. They were so into the dancing and having so much fun. AUGH, SO SWEET! But my favorite was the last lady shown here! First of all, she was surrounded by twirly background dancers and Ai-chan in an amazing outfit and dorky, dorky TOKIO and yet she still stood out! And then halfway through the song she was like, "Yeah! I don't need this outer kimono! Check me out in my badass festival clothing with my bare legs! :D :D" Her smile was AMAAAZING and her fist pumps were inspiring and OH, I JUST LOVED HER. (The other two women are here for their incredible dresses but I could have included so many others too!) I was really entertained by all these performances while at the same thing thinking I could be watching Kohaku from the 1940s. I'm not sure if the Japanese respect for elders or senpai/kouhai system plays into it but it seems like they've managed to preserve some really traditional styles alongside all the modern flash. I enjoyed watching Kohaku about a hundred times more than the half an hour of Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve I watched. That seemed like about 30 seconds of the ball dropping and then endless watching people kiss/watching the Backstreet Boys/watching Carson Daly making fun of the Backstreet Boys and feeling like I never left the 90s/watching irritatingly polished hosts and more musical guests playing in a very club-like atmosphere. While I'm sure a large part of it is that something like Kohaku is novel to me and I'm not overwhelmed by the Japanese version of commercialization on a day-to-day basis, I still thought there was something more pure and genuine left in their celebrations. ♥

Expanding my JE love!

I've been watching a whole bunch of V6 stuff in the past two weeks! I thought it was kind of unfair that I was decently familiar with all of JE from SMAP on except them! Especially when they had always looked talented and I've loved Sakamoto inexplicably for a long time. As expected, they are PRETTY GREAT! It's kind of interesting to look at a group with such a wide age gap, after spending so much time with the younger generation. While I kind of hate the original idea of Tonisen vs Kamisen, I do love when idols have faced adversity in their path to stardom and all the omg-are-we-ever-going-to-debut, omg-they-are-pushing-the-kids-more-than-us Tonisen went through is actually now appealing to me. And I really love what it became eventually after they all felt on an even playing ground and Sakamoto started to loosen up. XD They seemed to cast themselves as a family more strongly than other groups with their Sakamoto-papa and Nagano-mama and all the "kids". I just really eat up that sort of thing. XD And while I'm still Tonisen biased, I feel like I'm getting to know and like everyone now! I'm pleased that Okada seems to have his own little world, I now can imagine why him and Nino were so close much better. V6! ♥

Decorating my person!

I got this bow on one of my Christmas gifts and I immediately stuck it on my head. XD However it really wasn't sticky enough to stay so before we went to my uncle's house that day, I pulled off the sticky pad and slid a wire under the bow's staple and then twisted it onto a headband. It was so cute and so easy to wear my bow all day! Plus now I can just twist it off and replace it! I'm totally doing this to more bows. :)

Feet no longer cold!

The only thing on the list that cost money, socks from my mom! They are nice Smartwool ones to actually keep my feet warm and coincidentally I had looked at this same pair online and thought they were really cute. ♥ Man, you know you are getting old when you're SUPER PSYCHED to get socks for Christmas! :DD

All Arashi on the end-of-the-year programs!


Summary: I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. There aren't even words. They make everything they do adorable and dorky and entertaining, they can never take over too many end-of-the-year shows for my taste. In fact, I really missed them at Countdown this year. Boooooys!♥

On the 2nd Day of Christmas (1997)

!!!! OMG, I have been looking for this Christmas movie for so long! For the past seven years, whenever they aired "On the 2nd Day of Christmas" on Lifetime (hahaha, I know!), I've tried to be there to watch! But this year it was only showing on their dumb movie network, so I went on a search online! After a torrent that took two days to download and then was overdubbed in Russian, I found a copy! I was so thrilled! I'm so watching this every year now. I don't care that it's not a classic, it is my favorite Christmas movie.

Summary: Trish (Mary Stuart Masterson) has to work on Christmas Eve... and by that she means, working the holiday crowds as a pickpocket with her seven-year-old niece, Patsy, as her accomplice. Unfortunately for them, they're caught by a sharp-eyed mall security guard, Bert (Mark Ruffalo). Rather than have Patsy spend the holiday in police custody, Bert reluctantly agrees to be temporarily responsible for the pair. Which means they will instead be spending the holiday with him in his tiny apartment.

Okay, first off, I do not claim that this isn't a totally cheesy movie. I watch dramas so I am pretty much a lover of all things cheese. However I will also never be convinced this isn't also a TOTALLY DELIGHTFUL movie. :D First of all because there's excellent chemistry between the leads but also because there is some charming writing along with the over-the-top stuff. Highlights include: handcuffs, snark, lots of domesticity including grocery shopping, grabby hands (Trish) and invasion of person space (both), bickering, teamwork, and makeouts. A++ CHOICES, RIGHT? I'm totally thinking of uploading this and pimping it so anyone who searches for it will be able to find it. ♥

Baby Baby on SCP 2010.12.24

SERIOUSLY. SERIOUSLY. This felt exactly like a Christmas present made for me. Subaru, Tatsu, Yasu and Maru playing alongside Taichi and Nagase? Playing Baby Baby from their album? BE STILL MY BEATING HEART. Please see THIS EXTENSIVE POST for my reaction to it! Summary: *_____*
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madisonfink: Nino is beautifulmadisonfink on January 8th, 2011 08:24 pm (UTC)
So much love~!

That's such a pretty view from your bedroom window, my view sucks now that we put up a wooden fence >_< is totally envious XD

That last Enka lady looks like such a champion and TOKIO~~~~!

ARASHI I swear the boys are like really good wine they get better with age they were so amazing in all the end of the year specials, and seriously JUN what is it that you're doing to me?! I swear it's his new hair and the fact that he was being incredibly dorky the whole time like seriously just JUN~!<3

And your bow is so pretty~~~~!

Top: 嵐: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?topazera on January 8th, 2011 09:00 pm (UTC)
♥! Yeah, I don't know how I wound up with the bedroom with the best view out of everyone in the family. XD I have the only bedroom that faces the backyard! But I DO spend the most time in my bedroom so I guess it's justified!

If you were to describe that enka lady in one word, it would totally be CHAMPION. ♥ TOKIOOOO~ They are such dorks, it's wonderful.

ARASHI, I can't even! Asdkgkdjhgklghf;

I swear it's his new hair and the fact that he was being incredibly dorky the whole time like seriously just JUN~!<3
That's totally one of the good things about them, you can love different people a little extra at different periods of time. I TOTALLY understand your Jun period! I think his new hair really compliments the Matsugrin he's often sporting. ♥

I'm locating the links to BABY BABY right now and posting them in reply to your comment in that post! :DD

(You are such a prompt commenter, I still have several of your recent entries in my "to be commented upon" tabs! ;_; Sorry for neglecting you!)
madisonfink: Arashimadisonfink on January 8th, 2011 09:12 pm (UTC)
XD, TOKIO they really are that's why they're so great XD I noticed the dorkier the group the more attracted I feel to them XD

*joins in on the Arashi keysmashing* kafj;jkfajdAFDIAFJK

It really does~ I don't see why people don't like it


XD, It's okay I don't feel neglected ♥
the way you eat fish is beautiful.: arashiiiiii for dreaaaamskycouldfall on January 8th, 2011 08:38 pm (UTC)
ARASHIIIIIIIIIIII ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes their cute is a little too much for me to handle. JUN AND NINO IN SKIRTS. OMG THE WISH PERF IS THE BEST THING EVER

/burst of arashi love
Top: 嵐: Fuck you Ninotopazera on January 8th, 2011 08:52 pm (UTC)

Yeahhhhhh, if you're not in the mood for cute, you really can't recommend picking up some Arashi. XD They are pretty much good-natured and adorable all the time but luckily I have a very high, nigh unreachable tolerance for their brand of cute. :)

LOLOL, YOU'LL NOTICE THERE'S ONLY CAPS OF THE WISH PERFORMANCE FROM MSSL. I mean, the other performance was good but that one totally has my heart. Did you see that Nino's skirt appears to be A SKORT aka shorts disguising themselves as a skirt?? For some reason that's even friggin' cuter to me. NINO. *___*
the way you eat fish is beautiful.: nino is happy~skycouldfall on January 8th, 2011 09:54 pm (UTC)
YOUR ICON. SMILE. GUMS. *____________*!!!!!

OMG YES I DID NOTICE THAT. THAT PERF HAS MY HEART FOREVER. Nino is just. I can't even. Little fucker knows he's cute and USES IT and.....it totally works. I am so, so weak for him. *_____________*
Yo.: [k8] hey buddyinsipid_paragon on January 8th, 2011 09:21 pm (UTC)
There are a lot of happy things in this post. ♥

Sakamoto is so awesome. He and Nagano take turns being my Johnny's boyfriend in my head. (Please tell me you have seen that segment of some old show where Subaru, Yoko, Hina and a teeny tiny Ryo have to do a prank and tell Tonisen that their time is over and they should retire? Awkward hilarity ensues.)

I missed Arashi being on Countdown. At least they were there a little, but I needed more, it just didn't feel right... Wahwahwahwah.

Oh Mark Ruffalo, how so adorable. (And yet every time I encounter him, I'm like "Ohh... brain tumor guy.")
Top: ∞: Shibuyantopazera on January 12th, 2011 09:44 pm (UTC)
Eeee, thanks, I keep on thinking I should post about more happy things but then they keep building up and become such projects! :D

SAKAMOTO. ♥ I just love him and his leaderness while also being a total loser while also being super talented. I really need to watch more things, I don't have him quite figured out yet but I love what I've seen. ♥ And YES, I've seen that clip but I should rewatch it! The first time I saw it, I was only interested in Kanjani so I was more focused on their reactions to STRESS. Although, now I'm probably just going to be like OH NO, TONISEN, DON'T EVEN JOKE ABOUT THAT. ♥

I really, honestly think they need to either have Arashi make it there or they should have got Eito to come. (Even though I LOVE their solo countdown!) What really make Countdown for me is having so many group mix together and especially senpai/kouhai interaction. And it might be my bias speaking but I think ArashiEito have deeper ties with the senpai than News/KAT-TUN? ANYWAY, I needed more people being dorky together although TOKIO and V6 were giving it their all and I loved that. ♥
スターゲイザー: sakamoto; 笑って!笑って!笑って!cuticlebeam on January 9th, 2011 02:55 am (UTC)
Love all this picspam!!!! ♥

Haha Sakamoto's face never fails to make me laugh XD I didn't like the idea of Tonisen vs Kamisen too! I even wondered if they're gonna go their separate ways as Tonisen and Kamisen and there'll be no more V6. Haha. But that was me when I was 10 so... XD

I like that headband! :D You take really nice pictures!

In fact, I really missed them at Countdown this year.
Me too :( JCD felt empty without them T__T
Top: 嵐: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?topazera on January 12th, 2011 09:54 pm (UTC)
Thank you! ♥

hahaha, I don't even think that face is ugly, JUST ADORABLE! ♥ Oh! It's good to know that even when it was a new idea, people didn't like it. XD Obviously I'm discovering all these things about Johnny's now so I'm already biased. Don't make the "old" (hahaha, please don't let 23 be old) guys complete against these cute teenagers! I'm really glad everything worked out though and now I tooootally want them to get more work. They've hooked me, I'm a new fan! ♥

Ah, and thanks again! I have this convenient bookshelf next to my window that creates almost a nice white box for things. Maybe I'll have to include more random photos in my future posts. :)

Me too :( JCD felt empty without them T__T
It really did! I mean, last year with them as hosts, they were the ones to tie everything together even! But I don't need them to host, I just think they have a lot of warm ties to both people their own age and a lot of senpai. I think Arashi being there makes a big difference in things feeling more interconnected. I mean, we wound up having feeds from four different places make up Countdown! The charm is really getting a ton of Johnny's together under one roof.
Morgan: Arashi- FOR DREAMmojotastic on January 9th, 2011 06:05 am (UTC)
This is such a cute picspam! OMG ARASHI LOOKS SO CUTE. I am, as usual, behind on my Arashi viewing/news. This is why you need to post more often, so that I can stay updated. Also I am sort of in love with Matsujun's new hairstyle. It's so douchey but in such an endearing way.

Love your headband bow. Blair Waldorf would be so proud!

That Mark Ruffalo movie looks extremely cute. I'll have to see if they have that up on heartcinema. I always need good holiday movies to watch post-Christmas so I can pretend like the holidays aren't over and refuse to put away my Christmas tree.

I know nothing about V6. Are there 6 members? My JE knowledge is sadly lacking sometimes.
Top: 嵐: sober & poisedtopazera on January 12th, 2011 10:11 pm (UTC)
AW THANKS, YO! Lololol, yes, important update: ARASHI LOOKS CUTE ON MUSIC SHOWS!! I'm glad you are no longer without that information. ;D But seriously, I should post more about Arashi if only to do a public service for people busier than I am. ♥

>Also I am sort of in love with Matsujun's new hairstyle. It's so douchey but in such an endearing way.
Right?? It's gotten a mixed reaction, at first even I was like OH, JUN, YOUR BEAUTIFUL HAIR! But I've since realized that I can never not be charmed by faux-hawk territory. XD LOVE IT. I think he might look younger this way? Like, maybe it's because I can imagine a 16-year-old with that hair. :DD

I'll have to see if they have that up on heartcinema. I always need good holiday movies to watch post-Christmas so I can pretend like the holidays aren't over and refuse to put away my Christmas tree.
Oh! Tell me if they do! I mean, I was thinking of posting it places but please check my "look at this rare gem only I am bringing you!" attitude before I do please. XD And LOL, my dad kept hinting that he wanted to take the tree down and I kept avoiding taking the ornaments off because I liked it... until finally it disappeared one day without my knowledge. I WAS HANGING ON. XD

I know nothing about V6. Are there 6 members? My JE knowledge is sadly lacking sometimes.
Yes, there are six memebers! :DD (But you really do have to ask that question, like right now another group, Kanjani8, is sadly down to seven members. XD) They're one "generation" older than Arashi, well they only debuted two years before but I think of them that way. Fun fact: they have an 11 year age difference between the oldest and youngest member which I find pretty cute? LOL, there is not enough time in a sleepover to start introducing more Johnny's but I like MANY now. XD

Wooo! We should keep up this communication thing! ♥
Otai: jactressotai on January 9th, 2011 04:46 pm (UTC)
omg, the first pic is soo beautiful *_*
Top: 美人: Kanno Miho: Lady of my ~heart~topazera on January 12th, 2011 09:57 pm (UTC)
Oh man, thanks so much! ♥! I just threw that in at the last minute since I realized I didn't have a picture for outside the cut. :) I'm glad you weren't bored by my random sunrise pic! ;)
peaches in the creases of a plastic bag: je: a new fantastic point of viewphrenk on January 11th, 2011 10:52 pm (UTC)
So many awesome things! A fandom post and a non-fandom post all wrapped up in one cheery fabulous entry! OH, YOU. You know this only makes me want you to post more frequently... you have made a TACTICAL ERROR in being so wonderful.

Top: 嵐: Aiba Masaki's face is stuck in :D!topazera on January 12th, 2011 10:16 pm (UTC)
OH, YOU. You know, you are providing such motivation for me to post more often by saying these nice things even though I already know you think these nice things. ♥ NO, YOU'RE THE BEST. XD

YES, I'M TOTALLY GOING TO DO IT. My only struggle: this should probably not be a pimp post AND a movie upload post. I SHOULD BE MORE ~PROFESSIONAL~. :DD