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15 January 2011 @ 08:56 pm
i wanna be where the people are  
Ha, so I realize I'm a drama season (or more) behind, but I'm really happy in the dramas I'm currently watching and thought "HEY, I haven't posted about that in a while!". Right now I'm super into:
1) Freeter, Ie wo Kau: Well, I actually just finished it today but I haven't yet moved on. SO GOOD. I seriously have nothing to say just because it fulfilled all my needs and wishes. (Except I could use more kissing. ALWAYS MORE KISSING, JAPAN. XD)
2) Uta no Onii-san: I have two episodes left! As assumed, I LOVE it. YANO KENTA and his face!! MANABE-SAN! hahaha, oh yeah, I'm watching two Maru supporting roles at once. XD Anyway, I'd heard a lot about Manabe-san before watching the show but I've also been pleasantly surprised by his sister Sakura (who is RAD BEYOND THE TELLING and I kind of want to be her), our Uta no Onee-san, Urara and his ex-girlfriend Akane (possibly it has something to do with needing Ohno to look at more people like this). So many ladies in this show! ♥ But YES, my love for YANO KENTA: COMPLAINER and MANABE-SAN: LADY WHO KICKS ASS and EVERYONE ELSE is boundless. :DD
3) The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry: Just HEARTEYES. I really need to post about that next because I love everything about the first seven episodes. Also I need these people to make-out or I may die. PLEASE DON'T SPOIL ME FOR ANYTHING, I NEED TO LIVE IMAGINING EVERYTHING CONTINUES TO BE THIS ~DELIGHTFUL~.
and the target of this post 4) My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. I've really enjoyed this show from the beginning, the fairytale feel is something I very much dig and the two lead actors are both so great. Though Gu Mi Ho is definitely a show stealer. Yet, it wasn't until episode seven that I really thought that I love this show. So I thought I'd do a little breakdown of moments in that episode that reduced me to total squee. :) Please excuse that these images are both gigantic and numerous, I didn't post this until now because I got overambitious in making things pretty and had left it unfinished.

One bonus of having a superhuman girlfriend: you can angst in the rain and not get wet. XD

BUT SERIOUSLY, who could look at that face and stay upset? I really think Mi Ho (/Shin Mina) is the cutest. She has the dimpled grin of a five year old kid. ♥

So of course Dae Woong puts back on his ring of dating-that-is-not-real-but-is-starting-feel-real and has some adorableness in the rain instead. ♥!

OH HONEY. You're already thinking this after five days? I thought we'd have to wait for this moment, given the hundred days until our dramatic conclusion. Just give up! You're a goner! :DDDD

YOU WANT TO SUPERGLUE HER INTO YOUR LIFE. (And who could blame you.)

Oh, what's this? There is a minor injury that requires some first aid? WHY YES, DRAMA, I WOULD BE INTERESTED IN THAT. I love that she totally milks the situation too and is like "You know what makes me feel better? Cuddling!" She is so delightfully shameless. ♥ I appreciate that in a person.

"You're comparing me to a dog again?"
"Besides humans, Ddoong Ja is my closest be-pu!"
"What's a be-pu?"
"It's a best friend."
"Oh! Then make me a be-pu too!"
:DDDDD I loooooove them. I love how close they've gotten! Frieeeeeends!

A central theme of this episode is fiction. Maybe it's just from being in too many internet arguments about the (presumed lack of) importance of pop culture but I'm so pleased that fiction is treated as something important, something that shapes how people think and interact with the world. We start off with this as joke:

Thanks, show, for playing into my love of the same two actors doing all the loves stories in the world. ♥ Mi Ho is excited to learn that while supernatural beings might be hard to find in the real world, humans have written a ton of stories about them! Maybe Dae Woong will be able to think up a role model for her! ...Unfortunately for her, human/non-human pairings tend to end in tragedy.

Dae Woong is pretty quick to catch on to the significance of this question and adds on "That's because it's a movie. But you're real. And we're friends." Awwwwww, he's a good guy. (Now. LOL DAE WOONG.)

Totally best friends. ♥

♥♥♥!! This scene is pretty much the definition of GET YO' MAN and I adore it. Mi Ho will not be denied the cuddles she asked for!

Something I really appreciate about this show is seeing Mi Ho start to build her own identity. She needs more than just following someone around. And I give Woong credit for realizing she needs a purpose and trying to help her feels useful. He even made her badge. :)

LOL SO MATURE. "Oh, you're other guy friend bought you a book? You know where that would look perfect... burnt under the frying pan." GOOD TRY, BB, TOTALLY THE WAY TO SOLVE THIS.

LOLOL, HIS STUPID FACE. OKAY. When you are SUPER THRILLED to be compared favorably to beef, it's time to wave the white flag. You loooooove her. ♥♥!!

And now that he feels better about his relative position to Dong Ju, he's ready to pull out his own gift! They are pretty much equally happy about the prospect of this gift, so cute!

An essential part of being human: owning a cell phone! :DD He even picks an appropriate ringtone. ♥

GET YO' HUG, GIRL! :DD Meanwhile Dae Woong is having an intense attack of the ~feelings~ and having to admit to himself that they totally are ~feelings~.

"If my heart is beating faster because a gumiho said I'm prime beef then I must be going crazy."

"A really hope she becomes a human and becomes happy."

"That's a tragedy. She'll be crushed when she reads it."

Take that, tragic endings! (God, this BETTER be meta about the ending of the show or I'm going to die.)

" Everyone is happy and it ends! It's also a movie and a really famous story. ♪ Under the sea... ♪ "

"There's a movie too?"
A whole episode hinging on the difference between the original fairytale and the Disney version of The Little Mermaid? Yessssss, I'm such a sucker for this. I have to say, I'm with them on the original version of the story being way too depressing. It's funny that two dramas this year, both this and Secret Garden, have structured their plot around The Little Mermaid! I'm not complaining because I love fairytales, I think it's fun to look at the different way they used the same story. :)


CHICKEN AHJUMMA! Their friendship is the best. I would not mess with either of these women but I'm glad Chicken Ahjumma now has ~superhuman backup~ to deal with ruffians. :DD

Owned. ♥

AW! The classic "Wow, it's fancy-you! Oh, oh, fancy-you is making my heart beat so fast." And for this one, she has giant curly hair! ADORBS.

Seriously, if that's not a "you are the cutest in the world" look, what is! The way she says "per-ma!"


And now for one of my very favorite drama scenes of the entire year:

This is just the most beautifully constructed scene. Within a second you realize where it's going and your heart just sinks. Everything falls into place perfectly, the curve of her arm mirroring the book cover, the blue reflections of the glass making the appearance of being underwater, the elevator door closing over Dae Woong. And what's really amazing is how they lined up all these moments with such raw emotion on their faces. I love that Dae Woong seems to get the significance of the scene as quickly as she does and you can see him tilting towards her immediately.

He's even the one to narrate: "The mermaid watches the happy prince with the woman he loves and changes into a bubble. Then she drifts and disappears into the air."

And then the little coda, that it's a group of little schoolchildren that are responsible for creating this storybook scene. This was just one of those moments where they did everything right and I had tears in my eyes just from this unexpected perfection.

This scene just breaks me too. Here she is, turning the page to reveal her doom and see all her worst fears coming true. And Dae Woong just comes over and closes the book and is absolutely unwavering in his insistence that it has a happy ending. She doesn't disappear. She lives happily ever after. To see Dae Woong, who has been defined by his disappearing on people, be so steady and so willing to step into the fairytale prince role... augh, it's the best.

And she chooses to believe in him. This episode convinced me that no matter what angst the rest of the series brings, it's definitely going to have a happy ending. They can't have this much meta about picking the happy ending for a potentially tragic tale without the getting a chance to do that themselves. ♥

Note: I am only on episode 11 so unfortunately I can't actually talk about the conclusion of the show with people. Sorry and please don't tell me anything! ♥
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♥: sgbrokendartist on January 16th, 2011 02:12 am (UTC)
The Woman who still wants to marry is so underrated, the OTP is so cute and the female leads are just awesome.

Great picspam, I only thought MGIAG was an ok drama, but I did enjoy it while watching it. And Gumiho is one of the cutest characters ever!
Top: NC: Your love is like a hurricanetopazera on January 16th, 2011 02:37 am (UTC)
I was wondering why I hadn't heard much of anything about The Woman Who Wants to Marry before I started it! It seems like I should have heard more flailing, what with this super cute OTP and pleasant focus on ladies being friends and not rivals with each other. ♥

Yeah, I was going along just enjoying it until this point. I'm not even sure what the lesson is here, reference fairytales and I love you? :DD

(EXCEPT that really isn't the key factor in my Secret Garden love, it's more the burning hot chemistry. Oh well, theory disproved. ;) Also askdk;gfkd SECRET GARDEN, I feel like I can't talk about it before I watch the ending this week but I ALSO am loving that show. ♥)
♥: sgbrokendartist on January 16th, 2011 07:51 pm (UTC)
OMG yes Secret Garden! Can't believe it's over, it's rare to see a drama stay good all the way until the end. :D And I completely agree about their chemistry, best drama couple of 2010 for me, maybe 2011 too?
animefreak42animefreak42 on January 16th, 2011 05:55 am (UTC)
Tell me about Secret Garden! My bf sent me a link and said we should watch it because based on the trailer it was sort of actiony... is it? I am always so hesitant about Korean dramas because they are so long and when I start dramas I have to finish them even if I'm not that into them. :( Though it's not so much an emergency now because he said that when he was trying to dodge Coffee Prince, and now he's totally into Coffee Prince, heeeee! Any feedback would be awesome though. :D
Top: Actor: [Eun Hye] The most charming girltopazera on January 16th, 2011 03:35 pm (UTC)
Ooh, Secret Garden! Okay, first off, it's not actually action-y. It does have awesome action sequences sometimes but they are not directly related to the plot. XD The premise is that rich, neurotic-but-trying-to-hide-it (he's claustrophobic and his therapist is #1 on his speeddial) Joo Won becomes smitten with kind and totally kickass stuntwoman Ra Im. They have an undeniable chemistry but trouble understanding one another... until they start having to work together when their consciousnesses start swapping bodies. :DD

Basically it's a kdrama romance (even 'rich guy loves poor girl') with added action sequences (Ra Im's job) and body swapping. There's cute stuff, there's snark, there's angst, there's excellent kissing for Korea, Joo Won is a jerk about things and slowly has to change, Ra Im is always awesome, I also love the secondary guy Oska, who is an aging ~idol~. (IDOLS :DDD) It's kind of a mixed bag? I got really into it and I'm hotly anticipating the ending but it's really the chemistry between the two leads that's kept me so invested. I actually think the plotting is a bit uneven but omggggg I need them to smush their faces together. :D

So yeah, your bf might be disappointed that it's not more action-y (it's no IRIS XD) but I'm not sure how either of you would like it! Normally I'd say try the first couple and see how you feel but that's not good advice when you can't quit things. XD It's so hard for me to be objective in the middle of things. I'm loving it but it's definitely not as solid a drama as Coffee Prince. Sighhhhhh but I think Coffee Prince is pretty much perfect, that's not a fair fight! I'm glad to hear your bf has come around on that one and it's so cool that you guys watch dramas together! ♥
animefreak42animefreak42 on January 16th, 2011 07:32 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the info. :) I'll let you know what I think if we start watching it!

I am very happy about his new conversion to drama love. I started him out on HYD which he didn't mind but also wasn't totally crazy about (though he thought Matsujun was cool, heeeeee!). He was so against Coffee Prince at first because he thought Eun Chan was gross from the first episode but he has grown to love her too! Our phone conversation went something like this:
Bf: I'm really really sorry.
Me: What?
Bf: I watched the next episode of that coffee show.
Me: ... oh. So you like it now!
Bf: ... yes. When can we watch the next one together?
Me: You can watch it by yourself, you know.
Bf: Really? Are you sure?
Me: Yes, it's not like I haven't watched it already. 3 times.
Bf: Okay, just checking, because I'm going to watch the whole thing without you now. Yay, more coffee before I go to sleep!

We're watching HnA together now too! He thinks Mannequin5 is hilarious (we've watched the K8 and Tokio episodes). We were talking about Matsujun one day and he said very seriously "I feel like he's the kind of celebrity that if you met him in real life, you wouldn't be disappointed."

By the way, I just looked at all your organization posts - that is true dedication there! I always feel like it's impossible to organize Arashi watching since there are just so many clips everywhere, but you have proved me wrong!
hello, hello: jun smileinscrupulaties on January 16th, 2011 10:16 am (UTC)
FREETER ♥ I am about an episode and a half left and I know it's going to have to get happy soon but why does it have to be so sad right before that? Mom!angst is always so upsetting!
Top: 嵐: Fuck you Ninotopazera on January 16th, 2011 03:44 pm (UTC)
FREETER ♥ Yeah, I had that same feeling too! Like, "You can make things start to go more smoothly anytime now, Freeter!" But it never felt like angst for no reason, it was just heartbreaking because I was so invested (and love his mom). I thought this show was pretty much the definition of a warm, family drama. AUGH, I CAN'T USE MY WORDS, JUST FREETER! ♥
Quagmire: Ninjaquaggy_mire on January 16th, 2011 06:57 pm (UTC)
I came here via folderdropping. I figured I had better delurk and friend you, than just sulk in the shadows. Especially since you love/are watching some of the dramas I love too.

I love your break down of the Little Mermaid scene. I have to admit, MGIAG is one of the shows that I only followed via recaps over at dramabeans, but considering how many people adore it, I should probably watch it outright. I have a feeling that words and still pictures alone can't capture its charm.
peaches in the creases of a plastic bag: je: like the Dude except hot as BURNINGphrenk on January 19th, 2011 04:02 am (UTC)
Freeter, Uta no Onii-san, Gumiho! 1. FREETER, SO MUCH LOVE ALWAYS. 2. UTA NO ONII-SAN, SO MUCH LOVE ALWAYS, NEEDS REWATCHING ASAP. 3. GUMIHO, I finished episode 7! We are still not reacting the same but I'm going to keep on watching, too, so your flail has helped me, thank you! This is a lovely post, you over-achiever. ♥
prisps: maruman (2+2=5)prisps on January 20th, 2011 05:02 pm (UTC)
"Also I need these people to make-out or I may die."

I'm never a good fan o k-dramas but the fiction thing drawn my attention. This looks interesting XD