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08 March 2011 @ 01:32 am
pet names are my (not so) secret weakness  
Okay, this is what happens during Fandom March Madness. I both think, "Wow, I need to watch so many new shows!" (Miranda, Community, Downton Abbey) and "I miss this so much, I must rewatch!" Guess which I am doing? *predictable* Now I have also been rewatching Farscape (♥♥♥ YES, I LOVE IT) but this post is not about that (though I made gifs). Instead, dial back to the year 1999 when Young Top was thirteen. Thaaaaat's right, I bring you a gratuitous spam of DAWSON'S CREEK which probably the younger of my flisters haven't even experienced since it was twelve years ago (!!!). Or even more specifically, a spam of my narrow interest in the show: Pacey and Andie. Yup, I never even boarded the Pacey/Joey Express because I am a chronic monogamist and could love only them. AND BECAUSE THEY ARE THE GREATEST. ♥

Originally I was going to tumble a few screencaps but then I wanted to talk about ALL OF THEM. So yes, spoilers for their scenes but they are SPOILERS OF DELIGHT AS I TRY TO ENSNARE YOU WITH MY LOVE:

So, for those who have not seen it/don't remember it, while he was whipping out of a spot in his father's police crusier (to check out a girl, hahaha, this comes back) this total stranger (a new girl to town!) hits his car and then mistakes him for the cop. (This makes no sense if the actors actually looked the age they are supposed to be playing but whatever, it totally works since they do not. XD) His "Oh, I'm going to have fun with this" face!

*instant fall-in-love* (...that was me, not Pacey, although he kind of does. ♥)

"We'll have to see that license and your registration too, little miss."
LITTLE MISS. I die laughing at that part. SO CUTE, OFFICER PACEY, SO CUTE.

She is comically distressed and trying so hard to just be NICE, SUPER NICE.

He's having so much fun with this role. ♥


Already hot, I don't care if he's in a (totally bogus) position of authority.

He looks so surprised when he grabs his arm. Cutely, not like a cop. ♥


Poor Andie, she does not get to enjoy her meet cute like Pacey does.♥

"Okay. Maybe I can just let this one incident slide. But I want you to know I got my eyes on you now, blondie.
You cause any more trouble in Capeside, Officer Pacey is coming after you."
♥♥♥ *heart explodes into a million stars powered by love* The NRGHH! (Even the [purposefully] terrible blond tips are so appealing to me.) The CLOSE TALKING, so good when this is their first meeting even! OFFICER PACEY, BEST! The ~double meaning~, delivered so straight it doesn't even seem like he thinks there is one. ♥ I can already see why there was no alternative to this for thirteen year old Top. XD

Also I think it has been scientifically proven that I happen to fall in love with any couple that uses the term "blondie". (See also: Sawyer/Juliet. ♥)

Reason #1 she's my favorite: She is so sincere. ♥

Reason #2 she's my favorite: AND ADORBS

LOL, Pacey is working those sunglasses so gleefully. XD

ANDIE MCPHEE, YOU ARE THE CUTEST PERSON EVER!! She whips around and marches back to shake his hand and say "It was really nice meeting you". :DDD Yup, when she thinks he's a police officer. XD

Sighhhhhhhh~ Resistance is futile, Pace. ♥♥

Totally smitten. Don't even lie to yourself, Officer Pacey. :D

Next scene!

Pacey is telling the story to his other friends than Dawson?? friends in school that day and Andie is quick to put on her serious!face.

Andie calls shenanigans. Opening with "You little stump". OMG I DIED EVEN MORE AT THIS. YOU LITTLE STUMP. I so will be stealing this from her. ♥

So pleased with himself. :D

So not amused. :D

This is their first interaction with banter and they already are so happy about it and so comfortable. (Andie is annoyed but also unwillingly happy. :D)


I loooooooove them. ♥

"She probably just didn't recognize me. I just had my tips frosted."
"You had your tips frosted?"

So she offered to set him up with this popular cheerleader girl he's been checking out since cheerleader girl, henceforth known as ALI LARTER, was nice and welcomed her to town. ALSO JUST SMUSH YOUR FACES TOGETHER.

She keeps her word but adds one little detail to get her to agree...

Ali Larter: I know it's supposed to be a secret but your friend Andie told me about your condition.
Pacey: I'm not really following you.
Ali Larter: She told me about your heart stripe.
Pacey: My heart stripe. Oh. That.
Ali Larter: Yeah! The stripe you have right across your heart and how at any moment it could just start strangling your heart and you'd stop breathing and die.
LOOOOL WINNER. :DDDD Ali Larter is actually super cute and nice too, I appreciate that they made the popular cheerleader really nice.

Good choice, Pacey, as much as the '90s hair totally charmed me on you.

omg his face when she walks into the room. AGAIN, now on his face, supposed to be a pained smile but turning out more like just a smile. :D

Why it's impossible to pretend to that you don't actually like her: SHE'S TOO CUTE.

"That's… very funny."
Oh, she knows it is. ♥ Reason #3 she's my favorite: So sassy!

Pacey: And what the hell is a heart stripe?
Andie: I made it up. Pretty creative, huh?

Reason #4 she's my favorite: You want her to bring it? She will bring it. Watch out.

"Back to the old Pacey! The black sheep, the loser, the brunette!"
Pacey loves the dramatics. ♥

She's already loving the Pacey. I do not blame her. :DD

"Well, I think you should dye your hair back. I mean, forgive me, but it looks hideous."
Beeeeeecause she likes the regular Pacey. ♥

Pacey: You're not pulling another prank on me, are you? I screw you, you screw me, we're even?
Andie: I guess you'll just have to take that chance, wontcha?

"Bye, Officer Pacey."
Oh yeah, watch her walk away, that's right.

MY HEART, THEY HAVE IT FOREVER. ♥__♥ I hope you enjoyed the (first??) installment of "Pacey and Andie make S2 Dawson's Creek worth it at any age". :DDD
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海賊.com: dorkerymaishoku on April 27th, 2011 05:51 pm (UTC)
Hi! I know I'm commenting on a completely unrelated post, but just want to let you know (in case LJ doesn't send you notification) that I've sent you the translation on your PM~