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23 September 2011 @ 06:03 am
peer pressure  
So Val had this idea of posting about the groups she loves and since I am currently at Val's house (♥♥♥) her wheedling for me to do it too was particularly affecting. ♥ The rules were simple:
"people I love" is vague and unhelpful, because I love many people in many different ways. For the purposes of this post, I have decided that the criteria is this: if I watch their pvs as they come out, each of them, then the group counts here.

THEREFORE, there are several groups that are new to me/release a lot of PVs that I love as much or more than some featured here. ALSO I HATE PICKING FAVORITES BECAUSE IT ALWAYS FEELS UNTRUE THE NEXT DAY. So it is the favorite of this very second. OKAY, DISCLAIMERED.

Alphabetical order!

Group: Arashi
Top two songs: SO IMPOSSIBLE BUT I DID IT!! :)
1. We Can Make it!

Group: DiVA
Favorite Member: Akimoto Sayakaaaaaa~
Top two songs: lol, not really in it for the music? XD
1. Chika Suido

Group: Hanson
Favorite Member: Completely all of them, they are like family. But my childhood favorite was Taylor. :D
Top two songs: I HONESTLY COULDN'T PICK. I relate to Hanson in a different way than anything else, because I have loved them for so long and through so many different stages of my life. So they get a SPECIAL RULE and picked two per album. :)

Middle of Nowhere
1. MMMBop
2. Weird

This Time Around
1. If Only
2. Song to Sing

1. Lost Without Each Other
2. Penny & Me

The Walk (Interestingly [for me], this was the hardest to pick between! I thought Shout it Out would take that title. )
1. Great Divide
2. Tearing it Down

Shout it Out (lololol, wait, I just picked the exact equivalent to The Walk: the first single and the Zac-fronted, drum-driven song. XD XD)
1. Thinking 'Bout Something
2. And I Waited

Group: Kanjani8
Favorite Member: Yoko, Yasu, Subaru. Three favorites is the truth.
Top two songs: I gave into recent song bias. :)
1. Tte!!!!!!!
2. Baby Baby

Group: Perfume
Favorite Member: Kashiyuka, but it is a tight race. Love~
Top two songs:
1. Dream Fighter
2. Macaroni

Group: Miss A
Favorite Member: Suzy but also all of them. Sometimes I think I might love Min or Jia the most if I saw them in more things. :) MISS A. ♥
Top two songs:
1. Breathe
2. Good-bye Baby

The Val's version of this post ended in offering caps… but I think it's impossible for me to do that without making a big production of it and guaranteeing I won't actually finish. XD As an alternative, I am offering: if you comment with a group and a song of your choosing, I will comment back with a (hopefully YouTube) embed of a favorite performance of that song and a little flailing over it! (P.S. - I may bend this idea as I go but I'll definitely give you something!)
Hanna: Kurochudelya on December 13th, 2011 09:13 am (UTC)
Gawd omedetou at being able to choose two top Arashi songs. That is definitey not a no-brainer for me. It is just SO hard.

It's nice to read entries from lj friends again. I haven't been around lj much because real life hit me big time *tee hee*