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09 April 2012 @ 02:29 am
31 Days of Ladies: 29. Iwasa Mayuko  
WOO, THE SERIES CONTINUES! Though this time I must warn, there's some gravure shots yonder! That means bikinis (yes, you probably should not click this at work) and also I ramble throughout about my feelings re: gravure. If you want to avoid either thing, I understand. XD There's nothing too scandalous, it's all very tame, but it is skin. ...Happy Easter, have some boobs? :)

29. Iwasa Mayuko

Name: Iwasa Mayuko, also called Mayu and Iwamayu // 岩佐真悠子
Age: 25, born February 24, 1987
Skills: Acts, gravure models, plays piano, really loves professional wrestling, apparently!
Distinct features: Ears that stick out! That's how I identified her at first, the girl with those cute, sticky-outy ears. :)
As seen in: A whooooole lot of minor roles. Nodame's piano department friend in Nodame Cantabile, a contestant in LIAR GAME, some really small role in Swing Girls I don't remember, the queen bee Hibari in Hana Kimi, ruling the school again in Mei-chan no Shitsuji, and playing to type recently as a guest star on Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de.
Why she's on my list: Stealing scenes every single time she plays a HBIC and that is often. I cared about Hibari in Hana Kimi and Izumi in Mei-chan waaaay disproportionately to the amount of screentime those characters actually received. Izumi was vying for my favorite character of that series? I really need to see her in a lead role because she's got some major acting talent. For as much as she has a type, her characters have been very unique to me. Seeing her in a lot of smaller roles has slowly accumulated to "I really like Iwasa Mayuko".

Why, hello, happy and attractive person!

Introducing Queen of HBICs, Iwasa Mayuko! :D :D

Sure, she can be cute.

Very cute.

A serious dose of cute.

Nose crinkles levels cute!

But the girl has got edge. I first saw her as Hibari, the HBIC of the Flower Four in Hana Kimi. This has forever cemented my love of her as all HBICs (see Mei-chan and her recent guesting on Nazodi). I want Gossip Girl to be remade in Japan just so she can play Blair Waldorf. I don't care how old she is, you are never too old to play high school. XD

I haven't seen that much of her in real-life (SADLY, I would watch so many variety show appearances of these ladies but they are hard to locate) but I am convinced she's just as great there too.

Not in character, just naturally a winner.


As I usually do when I start google-imaging someone, I try to figure out who they seem to be friendly with… my search revealed Mayuko strangely seems to have a lot of connections not only to models but also to wrestlers?? akj;kfjkd, this is such an amazing picture. Normally when people promote things together, they just stand next to each other?? NOT ANTHONY INOKI AND IWASA MAYUKO. :D

She also has apparently sung a song with a wrestler?? SHE REALLY LOVES WRESTLERS, YOU GUYS.

Also standard procedure, stalking her blog. I'm pretty sure I feel safe saying she is frikkin' awesome? These were two consecutive entries by the way. :D

aksjkdfgl I KNEW AS SOON AS I SAW THEM, THOSE WERE MASUMI-CHAN'S WHISKERS FROM NODAME. I am taking this to mean she is friends with Koide Keisuke, yes.

Okay, I was wrong. She is also friends with boxers. XD (I assume this is someone from Otome no Punch, which sounds awesome by the way.) Also, she is definitely someone that can pull off blond. :) I'm also thinking she's a candidate for an (imaginary) Japanese Alias.

I'm talking a lot about acting but, as you may or not know, Iwasa Mayuko is known just as much as a gravure model. I loooooove her acting but obviously when I was searching for photos of her, the gravure side comes up a lot more. I have a complicated thought process when it comes to gravure. Obviously some of it makes me really uncomfortable, it can so objectifying and frankly turns my stomach sometimes with its focus on youth. I do my best to steer clear of anything gross, especially things taken when girls are underage or when I've read they felt pressured into doing it (a photobook of Kanno Miho). And yet, I don't want to rule out all gravure because I don't think women in bikinis is too salacious (and in fact, I think women look nice in bikinis :D) and there's also a lot that's perfectly well shot. Plus, for someone like Iwasa Mayuko, I'd be left with very few photos! So I will be posting the bits of gravure I liked and hopefully others will not find them too creepy, though I understand if you do. And also, there are many more pictures of her boobs on the internet should you desire such things. XD Talk over!

I really like shots like this, that focus on the little details of a person. Her roots! The makeup that got crusted under her eyes!

Like, that's just good photography! Sure, it's about skin but it says more than that.

It can be a fine line between "intimate" and "creepy" but when it seems like seeing people in their intimate moments, I like it.

You can just see this girl is an actress, damn can she emote.

Seriously, so beautiful. Gosh, I love her freckles.

I find her face very inspiring, when I did a recast of "Snow White" as set in Japan, I cast her as my lead. ♥

You can see why, I hope! This shoot was so inspiring.


I would really love to see her as a fantasy heroine, she definitely has the acting chops for it too.

Cut, print, it's a wrap. I want to see this movie.

Or alternatively, this one.

Okay, I know the rating on this movie is going up but wow.

Sometimes I just do find gravure hot, damn.

Even though I hate (HATE) how they smooth women's skin into this plasticine sheen, I like that at least her stomach looks like a real, human stomach.

Attractive but also, that dress has great textures. XD

Sometimes, when bikini's are actually at the beach, they do work for me!

They are attractive when they are functional! See, my other problem with gravure is that I honestly don't find a lot of it sexy. Or even to be very attractive photos of the subject. There is a lot of trying way too hard. These people are already exceptionally good-looking! They don't need to always be contorting themselves in bikinis to be sexy!

I think gravure could be generally sexier if there was more lounging around in a t-shirt and jeans. :)

See? So attractive!

Even better! I love unisex clothing. :D

Okaaaaaaay, I also like the opposite approach: having people dress to a theme:

Spunky orphan who helps out around the hanger until finally earning her stripes as a full fledged pilot!

Spunky automail mechanic a la Winry Rockbell!

Underdog boxer aiming for the championship!

Art student living in Williamsburg. XD

Cosplayer. The dinosaur is obviously the best.

...Okay, now that's a straight-up a last minute Yuna-from-FF10-2 costume she threw together for an anime convention. XD

Guerilla fighter. That combat bra may be impractical but yessssss, girls with guns. :D

I don't know what Quentin Tarantino movie she was surely advertising in Japan but I like it. :D

Seriously, such a "Tarantino, cast this girl" shoot. XD

Ugh, the worst part about the fall of internet freedom so far is not being able to get at old dramas and movies easily. C'mon, one seed on the "Utsukushii Mehyo: Body Sniper" movie, I want to watch this now!

Though really, how much better do I think photobooks would be if they were made up of the offshots? A lot, a lot better.

Seriously, what a winner she is. :D

I mean, she takes good purikura.

I'm not sure what the story is here but I bet she has some humorous anecdote about pants. XD

She participates in Japan's... second national sport, futsal.

Oh, speaking of sports, I would totally watch her Mago Mago Boat Club: training with fellow actresses for Ganbatte Ikimasshoi.

Which I'm honestly thankful she's just given me another reason to watch, previously I knew it only as "the show with tragically doomed RyoUchi!!" (Uchi had his fateful brush with the law during it and had to leave the show). But yes! Female crew team! I can watch that!

The only Iwasa Mayuko facet still left uncovered in my image search? Not enough fashion magazine spreads. She is too great for the men's magazines not to share!!

Though this one is pretty aces. :)

I'm sorry, I really don't have a snappy conclusion for this one. CONCLUSION:


In the course of writing this post, I've had a lot of ideas for what I should watch her in next and I'd welcome any suggestions! So far the nominees are: Deep Love (her first lead role and, as titled, a deeper one for her), Ganbatte Ikimasshoi (kind of planned to watch this someday anyway due to RyoUchi feels), Galcir (I have already downloaded this, I adore the cast, definitely watching someday, etc), Otome no Punch (I like the concept), or TROUBLEMAN (surreal and Shige, I've also meant to see this!).
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Apple: Maru Specs: Ohfelixkeep on April 9th, 2012 06:42 am (UTC)
i couldn't recognise her in the front photos till i saw the one of her in hana kimi XDXD

she's cute XD
Top: ∞: GOOD FACEtopazera on April 9th, 2012 06:54 am (UTC)
Ha, yeah, I do think she looks significantly different when she's modeling and when she's acting! Also when you can't see her ears, her ears were coincidentally blocked a lot in the beginning! XD
Apple: Bear Nuts: Lookingfelixkeep on April 9th, 2012 08:27 am (UTC)
yea! her eyes kinda looks different somehow when acting and the pics XD

now that you say, went looking again. all the ears were blocked in the front!
Yo.: [2pm] secret favoriteinsipid_paragon on April 10th, 2012 01:33 am (UTC)
Spunky orphan who helps out around the hanger until finally earning her stripes as a full fledged pilot!
So this sentence perfectly sums up the anime Last Exile, and now I have an indescribable need to see her cast as Lavie, the spunky (there's no other word for it!) navigator/repair-person extraordinaire.

Also, I don't know why, but the first few pictures of her reminded me really strongly of Katase Nana, who, along with Karina, is one of my top ladies. I remember first seeing her in secondary... and tertiary... roles, and thinking "Damn, this woman again?! She's EVERYWHERE!" And before I knew it, I was looking at her more and more and getting pulled in by her magnetism.

And Karina, don't even get me started. Sometimes I think I would do anything that woman asked of me, for the chance to, like, have a day out with her or something. She seems so delightful and unabashedly dorky.

You know what else? Posts like these (coupled with watching a remarkable amount of Golden Girls and Designing Women reruns here recently) make me really wish I could find an icon community dedicated to capturing the faces and words of the exceedingly awesome ladies gracing our screens, American, Japanese, Korean, British, whatever.
peaches in the creases of a plastic bag: Beaton: Riding like thunder.phrenk on April 21st, 2012 04:46 pm (UTC)

She is so great! So great! And this is an excellent post full of excellence and loveliness!! ♥