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01 October 2014 @ 06:49 pm
HI, my never very frequently updated lj! An update: I'm got the chance to do something interesting and I'm currently trying my hand at living in Hawaii for a few months! Since lj is still my favorite way to organize photos and I wanted to share them for a few people anyway, onwards to a where-I-am-living-now post!

The road coming up leaving our place

Getting closer...

Home for a month~

Our local fruit farm! Also has eggs straight from the chicken. :)

This is the road leading towards Four Courners, where you either catch the bus (which only comes three times a day) or hitch to the town 8 miles away. A 1.7 mile walk, our minimum to get anywhere! :D Aptly called The Red Road and surrounded by an old flow of lava.

The Cinderlands at sunset (as I hurry to make it home before dark since I don't have a flashlight :D)

In this particular micro-climate, wild orchids grow everywhere!

Walking the other direction quickly leads to a wetter, even more rainforesty area. It's hard to photograph trees but this one was huuuge.

"Keep Out" sign but actually the place of our new buddy Don, owner of a pickup truck that I have now ridden in the bed a few times to get to town. :D

Walking farther on that northern road brought to the first place on public property where we could see the ocean! (We are very close to the ocean but the jungle makes it about a 2.5 mile journey to go see it. XD)

Mugiwara Luffy (or my brother) enjoying the view

You probably can't see them but there were sea turtles in the waves! That's about what they looked like to the naked eye though. XD

Also something that doesn't come across in pictures, how big the waves were! That was a twenty foot hill they were crashing on! They were scary big, from my perspective. I kept trying to get my brother to sit back farther, afraid a rogue wave would sweep him off the rock (he thought his climber finger strength could save him anyway).

Me! (Need to put the polarizing filter back on my camera~)

Fancy panorama I usually never try to take!

A souvenir of walking toward cane grass (protip, it's sharp). This is a few days later too!

This place also unexpectedly came with cats! This is my favorite, I named him Armin/Sables (I haven't picked but they are both anime references, aha. Not even a hipster one. :D)

The smallest of the four cats, the kitten Mikasa! Skittish at first but now likes me. <3

Apparently if you are at all nice to strangers' dogs and their owner are not around, they will follow you home and go on walks with you?? This has happened twice in a week. XD So trusting, dogs of Hawaii!

Okay, now for a more detailed home tour!

Walking into the house, our room is the first door on the left!

View from the door!

Our beds!

My decorations I'm very glad to have <3

The view across to my brother's bed!

Our "kitchen" within our room.

Fruits! One of the main appeals of the property, avocados, papaya, lilikoi, sapote and coconuts are all growing right now with other things appearing and more produce coming from a farm right down the street!

Labeled for your convenience, though I may have mislabeled.XD

(This is what a rolina looks like inside! It tastes exactly like vanilla custard, nature is infinitely wise. :D)

Other view of room!

Closet full of avocados and mostly impractical clothing brought Arashi, not this. XD

Living room!

Bathroom! (There is also an outdoor shower but I don't think I am -that- comfortable here).

Avocado picking terrace!

Avocados on the tree!

Walking to the kitchen!

Inside the kitchen!

The prettiest view of the house, of the angel trumpet tree. <3

Gosh, I love them. It was funny timing, I just finished playing Eternal Sonata(/Trusty Bell ~Chopin no Yume~) and Angel Trumpets are the res item in that game so suddenly walking into a world where they're real and yet also etherally beautiful -has- been like a dream. <3

I am going to have a lot of pictures like this, watch out mostly unrelated Eternal Sonata tag!!

Sample breakfast! Oatmeal with cinnamon and dried mulberries (courtesy of the rice cooker and my brother's flavoring balance), starfruit and lilikoi! It is super fun to mix the oatmeal into the little lilikoi "bowls" and they're really the perfect combination, the mildness balances the fruit acidity. Lilikoi are apparently expensive so it is nice to have a vast supply of them! :D

Papayas growing right outside the kitchen!

Lilikoi on the vine!

Coconuts even easily accessible from the ground! Our property manager Robin has macheted several open for us, thankfully, as that is not a skill I plan to learn. XD

There are several other fruit options on the property here too but they either don't photograph well (sapote) or aren't currently primed with fruit (bananas). :)
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Yo.insipid_paragon on October 2nd, 2014 11:49 pm (UTC)
Dude! It's like paradise, what with food growing right there and stuff! Hoping for and looking forward to future pictures to come!
peaches in the creases of a plastic bag: rl: fred on wallphrenk on October 4th, 2014 06:17 pm (UTC)
Morganmojotastic on October 8th, 2014 06:33 pm (UTC)
OMG that looks AMAZING. Consider me officially jealous! What brings you to Hawaii?