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06 May 2017 @ 12:01 am
quick update and hello!  
So! Though I've had it for years, I finally set up my journal on dreamwidth and thought I'd try out this crossposting thing for myself! ♥ So, a few Recent Happenings:
  • My dad injured his knee on Monday while climbing and it might be bad. He's been foolishly using it all this week (including belaying my brother! while he campused the hardest lead climb in the gym! which no one has done! so of course, he DID fall! and my dad, of course, then had to throw all his weight onto his injured knee! if you know anything about climbing... this was a bad idea and should have been avoided in the first place!) and it's only gotten worse now. He was hoping it was going to be a minor tear that would heal on it's own... the only other scary possibility is knee surgery. :(
  • All of this is happening when we're supposed to be working on moving... I don't want to talk about it, asjjdkfhg
  • Skam is breaking my heart by currently airing it's LAST season when we thought we'd get two more after this and have a whole additional YEAR of it running. So while I'm very engaged, everything is so bittersweet already! Especially when we can't help but imagine the current plotlines strung out over three separate seasons and done from three separate perspectives. It's hard to be still in the middle of something and already have your heart broken about the way things could have gone. It's not even over and I'm already like "thirty years from now, I'm going to be mourning the Skam seasons that weren't". At the same time, we've just got to try to enjoy what we do have, y'know??? We only have 6~7 more weeks of Skam at ALL~ 
  • Speaking of... I'm going to be desolate when the fandom starts dispersing after it ends. I've really moved there, it's my home, I've made friends. I've gotten back into editing/gifing occasionally and even though it's a sideblog, I have more followers there than I've ever had anywhere... gah, it's gonna suck to have to move on! But I know it can only hold together for so long after it's a closed canon...
  • And then it's going to dump me back out into this ongoing moving process, now with far less comfort and distraction.
  • Hold me. 
Also, my birthday is in five days and I have nothing planned! My present to myself is that I got the bundled LE and RE of the Are You Happy? blurays... but unfortunately, I still have to wait. I will at least have the future arrival of them to buoy my spirits but that doesn't really solve my how-to-make-my-birthday-less-depressing... I can only hope that Skam will do a thing, the wily minx.  This entry was originally posted at http://topazera.dreamwidth.org/40954.html. Please comment there using OpenID.
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