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12 September 2017 @ 01:57 am
rolling, rolling days  
So, I am still mid-everything but since dear Val wanted to trade posts, a quick update from me here:

I'm moving!! It's a big move for me in a lot of ways: my childhood home of twenty years is the one being sold, this is the first time I need to go through alllll my stuff and throw things away (instead of keeping every item I have ever touched since 1994…), going into a much smaller space, moving across the country, moving into an unconventional floating home, it being a really weird sale even for that weird thing… it's a LOT.

CURRENTLY: we have our moving trailer to load for two more days and our dumpster for three and then our closing on Friday so I'm just trying to focus on getting out of this house… even though it feels kind of terrifyingly like our deal for our new house could a) fall through at the last minute and b) might be a bad decision so I almost wish it would fall through so there would be a redo.

COPING METHODS: a ration of flourless chocolate cake, rewatching Outlander and first season BSG, GnA (for the first time?? amazing)

Hopefully I will come back and update this in a few weeks with a picture of me in my new home saying how it all worked out somehow????? Let's just put that image out into the universe, shall we.
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