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Six Reasons Coffee Prince is Completely Addictive

Do you like androgyny, crossdressing and
guys having crushes on other guys (who are actually girls)?

Ah, Coffee Prince! My adorable new drama! I'm only six episodes in but love it so already. Seriously, I look forward to the hour when I can settle down with a cup of coffee (duh!) and some Korean drama action.

For the uninitiated, Coffee Prince revolves around Go Eun Chan, a hard-working girl running between jobs delivering food, dropping off milk, sewing the eyes on stuffed dolls, and teaching Tae Kwon Do to kids. Her short hair and tomboy manner often get her mistaken for a guy, include the first time she meets Han Kyul, an aimless spoiled rich boy edging in on thirty years old. To get his grandmother off his back about settling down, Han Kyul seizes the opportunity and hires Eun Chan to pretend to be his gay lover. Of course, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship (and mucho sexuality confusion for Han Kyul) that soon moves to the venue of a start-up coffee shop hence Coffee Prince.

1. Contining my tradition of really liking dramas based on an awesome heroine, I just adore Eun Chan. I like that while yes, she's keeping up that she's a guy, it's not an act she's putting on. In the first ep, they establish that she gets mistaken for a guy anyway. In fact, two of the three guys that meet her in the first ep think she's a dude (while the other instantly knows she's a girl and doesn't see how there's any confusion there). Anyway, I love that she's tomboyish, hard-working and bold but also really charming and soft-hearted. The actress playing her (Yoon Eun Hye) does such a great job, you can imagine Eun Chan as an equally lovable guy or girl. My Chan, ILU!

(The most awesome [pick either gender]!)

2. Han Kyul's smiles are magic. It's such a pleasure watching him watch Eun Chan. He can't help it, his face just lights up. No wonder he's quickly questioning his heterosexuality.

(I smile when he smiles!)

3. I'm actually really interested in all the characters. I looove Han Seong, the 'other guy' in the usual love quadrangle, with his amusement at Eun Chan's crazy situation and his dorky singing and general nice-guyness. So charming. I don't even dislike the girl of secondary couple (who is often super bitchy in these things), as of yet! She seems sweet, even if she's fickle. Plus, the show has a big-dumb-nice guy. Min Yeop! He's so sweet and musclely and grins a lot. I love that character type. <3 And Eun Chan's sister is pretty cool. And Hot Waffle Guy... who is indeed very hot! Yeah, there's a lot to love here.

(And the pretty!)

4. Coffee Prince, it's a cafe staffed by hot guys! Dude, I would frequent that establishment. All the guys and their antics are adorable. Basketball! Playing in fountains! Oh, my heart! BOOOOYS (and Boy!Eun Chan)!

(Look at them frolick! Aw.)

5. I already like the OTP of Han Kyul and Eun Chan A LOT because they start off as buddies! Any relationship that starts with high-fiving and bickering/flirting is pretty much golden for me. I'm really looking forward to Han Kyul's increasing confusion about his sexuality (that was one of the things that made me love Nakatsu from Hana Kimi so much). Each episode, they seem to be getting more adorable.

(Oh yeah, things are going to get very awkward.)

6. There is both crossdressing and super-girly dressing! While Eun Chan normally dresses in a gender-neutral sort of way, I love when they switch it up and have her dress to either extreme. She's gorgeous either way but I totally dig her boyish look. I want her haircut. Damn you, curly hair!

(Ooh, genderbendy! How hot is she in that dress AND that suit?)

Caps by: maxiechan, jaynajoy and me, because I'm picky like that.

As I mentioned in my previous pimping post, if you're interested in downloading this, or any other, Asian drama, you should go join jdramas. It's an awesome community that's provided me with many hours of entertainment. <3

Ha, I like how 50% of the pictures in this spam wound up being of Eun Chan/Yoon Eun Hye. New girlcrush much?
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