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11 March 2009 @ 03:16 pm
Will You Love Me Just a Little?: A 'Sawyer/Juliet in the 70s' EP  
Will You Love Me Just a Little?
A 'Sawyer/Juliet in the 70s' Mix

Spoilers for 5x08!
Featuring music from James Taylor, Joni Mitchell and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.
Comments are very much loved and appreciated!

Oh Lost. Look what you made me do. ;)

Will You Love Me Just a Little?
A 'Sawyer/Juliet in the 70s' Mix

Okay, all this season on Lost (what, I know, I'm not usually fandomy about it) I've been really enjoying all the Sawyer and Juliet interaction. They're buddies with matching rifles! She makes him go sit in a corner to calm down sometimes! They're so refeshingly straightforward and nonchalant with each other! Out of the DRAMATIC LOVE QUADRANGLE those two have always been the awesome ones, so it's no surprise I'm down with ditching their more emo counterparts.

Now I just want to watch them roll around the island kicking ass, frolicking in bell bottoms and enjoing the free love of the 70s! AND SO MY BRAIN CREATED THIS: I present to you my 'The Songs Sawyer and Juliet Totally Fell in Love to Back in '74-'77' mix! All the songs come from before 1977, though it skews earlier than intended. Clearly, the Dharma sub isn't a very reliable purveyor of records. I mean, Geronimo Jackson. It roughly follows the progression of their relationship and also the structure of "LaFleur".

THANKS FOR THE CRACK LOST! I swear, you suddenly move a pairing I like into the '70s and I just cannot resist. :D

01. Something in the Way She Moves (1968)
James Taylor

There's something in the way she moves,
Or looks my way, or calls my name,
That seems to leave this troubled world behind
If I'm feeling down and blue,
Or troubled by some foolish game,
She always seems to make me change my mind

And I feel fine anytime she's around me now,
She's around me now
Just about all the time
And if I'm well you can tell she's been with me now,
She's been with me now quite a long, long time
And I feel fine

Sawyer: Thanks for getting my back with that whole 'beach' issue.
Juliet: You should thank me, it was a stupid idea.
Sawyer: (grins) Well, what does that say about you agreeing with me?

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02. Conversation (1970)
Joni Mitchell

He says she keeps him guessing
I know she keeps him down
She speaks in sorry sentences
Miraculous repentances -
I don't believe her

Tomorrow he will come to me
And speak his soul,
endlessly and he'll ask me why -
Why can't I leave her?
He comes for conversation
I comfort him sometimes
Comfort and consultation
He knows that's what he'll find

Juliet: We didn't get a chance to finish our conversation.
Sawyer: What conversation was that?
Juliet: The one where they started shooting at us.
The one where you were about to tell me how it felt to see Kate again.
Sawyer: I wasn't about to tell you anything.
Juliet: Why don't you tell me now?

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03. Sister Golden Hair (1975)

Will you meet me in the middle, will you meet me in the air?
Will you love me just a little, just enough to show you care?
Well I tried to fake it, I don't mind sayin', I just can't make it

Well, I keep on thinkin' 'bout you, Sister Golden Hair surprise
And I just can't live without you; can't you see it in my eyes?

Sawyer: Well, what about me?
You really gonna leave me here with the mad scientist and Mr. I speak to dead people?
And Jin, who's a hell of a nice guy but not exactly the greatest conversationalist.
Juliet: You'll be fine.
Sawyer: Maybe. But who's gonna get my back?
Come on. Just give me two weeks, that's all I'm asking.
Two weeks.
Juliet: All right, two weeks.

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04. In My Life (1965)
The Beatles

Though I know I'll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I'll often stop and think about them
In my life I love you more

Sawyer: I had a thing for a girl once. And I had a shot at her, but I didn't take it.
For a little while, I'd lay in bed every night wonderin' if that was a mistake.
Wonderin' if I'd ever stop thinking about her.
But now I can barely remember what she looks like.
And her face it's... she's just gone. And she ain't ever coming back.
So, is three years long enough to get over someone? Absolutely.

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05. Our House (1970)
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Our house is a very, very, very fine house
With two cats in the yard
Life used to be so hard
Now everything is easy
'Cause of you

I'll light the fire
While you place the flowers in the jar
That you bought today

Juliet: Is that for me?

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06. You Can Close Your Eyes (1971)
James Taylor & Joni Mitchell

So close your eyes
You can close your eyes, it's all right
I don't know no love songs
And I can't sing the blues anymore
But I can sing this song
And you can sing this song
When I'm gone

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Download Zip (27 MB @ Megaupload)

Caps from Lost Media Gallery and by me.

Seriously, I wound up loving the idea of this mix so much. Damn, I can't believe Lost created three years of relative happiness! I know we're supposed to interpret that scene about Kate as 'Sawyer sure is a good liar!' or OH THE IRONY HE SEES HER FACE AND IT ALL COMES RUSHING BACK but I just can't. Sawyer and Juliet are so awesome and functional. I love them. Watch it LOST, you're on notice.

LMAO! Also, I just realized the vocalists I picked to represent James and Juliet are James and Joni.
Unintentional, I swear. I'm not that cheesy. Okay, maybe I am, but I wasn't. XD

Thanks for listening!
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Top: LOST: Blondes have more PWNSAUCEtopazera on March 11th, 2009 09:48 pm (UTC)
I know, mixes like this were inevitable! I have to admit, I was a little worried someone would post a mix with all these songs right before I posted mine. :D

If you're feeling inspired, you should definitely put something together! I'm sure it would be fab. I keep seeing your icons around and thinking "Ooh, who did that one? Oh, it's marylou_gr!"

Thanks so much for the comment! And the 'epic', I'm flattered. <3