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15 February 2009 @ 01:12 pm
Full House Ep Reactions (1-16)  
A compendium of my flailing to mojotastic about Full House:

Episodes 1 & 2
I watched the first two eps of Full House and I'm really liking it already. Any show where the (v. pretty) lead guy can only wear shirts if they leave 30% of his chest exposed is okay by me! That lime green INCREDIBLY DEEP v-neck is burned on my retinas now, by the way. And the lead girl is really likable. It's great how they balance the TERRIBLE things that happen, like LOSING HER HOME AND ALL HER MONEY/POSSESSIONS, with her faking a continued illness so she can eat all the food in his fridge. And chasing down her TERRIBLE friends in three inch heels. A+ show! I'm definitely going to keep watching. I can see how this would hook you quick. Hanadan was my first drama but this is my first kdrama!

Episodes 3 & 4
I just finished ep 3 and LOVE:
1) AHAHA, I like how he has the tendency to, in the heat of the moment, leave her on the side of the highway or scare her off the edge of a boat. But then he feels really bad about it and worries until she's safe. <3 <3 <3 I love stupid, impulsive but good-hearted boys.

2) Their engagement lasts less than an episode! The wedding includes both dry ice and a bubble machine! Young Jae looks super hot in an all-white tux!

3) In what must be one of the best drama scenes EVER, on their honeymoon they each try to claim the bed by stripping and throwing their limbs over each other. I LAUGHED AND LAUGHED. And then their trip actually turned out to be adorable, consisting of bike riding lessons and ice cream cones and sleeping leaning on each other on a park bench! Oh, kids!

4) Her TERRIBLE friends now want to take advantage of Ji-Eun marrying rich? After stealing ALL HER WORDLY POSSESIONS? Her reaction of standing blankly in shock and then beating them with flowers seemed appropriate. But I would've picked up something heavier. Seriously, how does someone sell your house without your consent?!

Episodes 5 & 6
1)Their love/hate relationship is adorable. Ha, now she bit him! And he stuck out his tongue at her while eating the lunch she made! And now they're going on unofficial dates. He wants to spend her birthday with her and they wind up going ice-skating. Then they play on a ~swing set~! And she totes tries on a bunch of outfits before meeting him at the movies. And buys him a popcorn. I swear, they're like 12-year-olds dating and it's perfect.

2)But they really caaaaare. He stalks her to an amusement park! She super upset when she loses his SO SWEET birthday gift to her! Awwwww. <3

3)On the fashion front, we got a glimpse of Young Jae closet and surprisingly it looked pretty normal! Where does he hide this stuff? Though I guess the BLACK LEATHER CAPELET WITH FUR HOOD he wore at his photoshoot must be blamed on the stylist.

4)Okay, Young Jae's friends are also kind of terrible. Well, Hae-won is just ridiculous! She tells him she's not interested and then turns around and says I'M THE MOST IMPORTANT WOMAN IN YOUR LIFE STILL, RIGHT? GOOD, KEEP IT THAT WAY! Argh! Damn her, now she gets a hospital scene complete with a little dramatic running? Okay, when Young Jae is with Ji-eun, they have a ton of fun. With Hae-won, he ANGSTS. ...The choice is clear!

Episode 7
OH SHIT! SO, Ji-eun just told Young Jae that she thinks she's falling in love with him. Um, we are not even halfway through the season, people! What now, MASTERS OF THE CRACK THAT IS KDRAMA? In other news, they continue to be adorable and draw watches on each other's wrists.

I love how Young Jae is always having a perfectly pleasant conversation with Ji-eun but then he feels too open and get flustered. Which, of course, makes him shout about cleaning something or staying out of his business. You are too precious. OH, and his cornering Dong Wook and telling him YOU'RE A TERRIBLE FRIEND! YOU SHOULD BE IN PRISON! was excellent.

I think this episode was supposed to make me sympathize w/ Hae-won... but I can't stop this feeling of hate. She's such manipulative bitch! I mean, her "let's compete for his affection!" to Ji-eun was such a dick move. So far I'm pretty neutral on Min-hyuk, other than "wow, he's hot". I think he's sweet to Ji-eun, helping her with her writing and people-watching skills. ;)

Episode 9
Man, I really wish there was an active fandom for this. I really want to read angsty post-ep 9 fanfic, about Young Jae losing Ji-eun to Min Hyuk and moving out of Full House. And having a relationship with Hye-won but relaizing that they're living in the past and she's not what he really wants anymore. I'm such an angst whore. :D Why hasn't this been written so I can wallow?

Episode 10
OMG they renegociated their marriage contract! I love callbacks more than anything else. "Don't call me a chicken, rice bowl or vacumn cleaner". And Young Jae one demand is "let's not break up for three more years". Adorbs.

GOD, He jin and Dong Wook are the WORST SECRET-KEEPERS EVER. ...They would have gotten James and Lily Potter killed in five minutes flat.

I see what you mean about the awesomeness of Min Hyuk. He's so the guy that you should like, instead the the immature idiot that you can't help but love.

Episode 11
Oh god, they're now required to talk about their love angst by the contract. I love this. It's sort of all on Young Jae to screw up but he doesn't know how to keep her, other by creating contractual obligations.

OH GOOD LORD. I've hit the serious angst part. How can these kids keep breaking each other's hearts (and therefore my heart) so often? She keeps trying to change the relationship and he's puzzled trying to keep up and keep things the same. AH, he throws her a celebratory party and she doesn't show! And then when she sees that REALLY ROMANTIC gesture, she has to break up with him because she loves him too much. YOUNG JAE, YOU SO CLEARLY LOVE HAN JI-EUN! Please, own up to it ASAP. It may seem like everything is ruined since Han Ji-eun came out of the love closet, but you could so fix it! ...Oh, my heart. :_:

Episode 16
AWGH, I just watched the end of Full House!! So adorable! I love love love that hey redid so many of their adorable dates. They were just SO HAPPY at the end, which is exactly what you'd expect after they finally got their act together. Though I REALLY REALLY wish the Koreans/Japanese could get their act together about kissing in romantic dramas! We could have a little lip movement, come on! But the biking and shopping montage helped a lot since they got to be all touchy and all kinds of coupley. I love the arm-around-the-waist action.

Seriously, Ji-euna and Young-jae go down in my Top Five Most Married People Ever. I just love that despite all the ~drama~ built into the drama, they just really make each other happy. And their movie! "My Maid and I"! Adorbs, kids, aborbs. Now make-out for me.
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